Child Care Abuse Charges

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In April of 2017, parents of a 4 year old girl confronted a Nebraska daycare worker after witnessing a video of child care abuse against their daughter.  The worker full force punches the girl in the arm and violently shakes the girl on the video after the girl begins crying.  The parents of the girl are pressing charges against the worker for child care abuse.  This article will explain more about child care abuse and what a person facing these charges might expect.

Child Care Abuse in Oklahoma

Injuries that your child suffers due to child care abuse and at the hands of child care workers are actionable in courts.  This means that you can bring suit against any child careChild Care Abuse worker that harms your child.  However, you must prove certain elements to be able to win in court.  These include injuries on a child and that the abuse was a malicious or purposeful act by the worker.  Ways to prove this includes taking photos and noting any suspicious bruising, burns, etc you notice on your child.  Other behavior to note from your child is if he or she begins to revert to infantile behaviors (i.e. bed wetting, thumb sucking) or has a strong adverse reaction toward any particular day care employee.

Oklahoma laws list child abuse as a felony crime.  The penalties for child abuse, whether it be in home or at a daycare, are under Title 21 §843.5(A).  Anyone receiving a conviction on child care abuse charges faces prison time.  The amount of prison time is dependent upon the severity of the abuse.  Therefore, it could stretch to a life sentence.  Courts will also place fines against child care workers who abuse children.  These can range anywhere from $500 to $5,000.


Legal Support

True child abuse is an absolutely reprehensible crime.  Courts and the public hold this similar view.  So, if your child is suffering at the hands of a child care worker we suggest you seek legal counsel.  However, in many heated custody cases, child care abuse will be alleged when it is untrue.  If you are facing false charges on this crime we also suggest you get legal counsel to defend yourself.  Don’t let a false charge put you in league with someone who deserves punishment for child care abuse.

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