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In Oklahoma, a Traffic camera ticket can be issued for many different traffic violations. The tickets often refer to fines or citations issued through the mail to individuals based on purported evidence captured by traffic surveillance cameras. These cameras are often for traffic enforcement and security purposes. Here are some common scenarios where surveillance camera tickets might be issued:

  • Stop Light Camera Tickets: In many jurisdictions, stop light cameras at intersections will capture images or videos of vehicles that run red lights.
  • Speeding Camera Tickets: Some cameras can monitor vehicle speeds on roads and highways. If the camera detects you driving in excess of the posted limit you get a speeding ticket
  • Toll Booth and Automated Toll System Tickets: Toll roads and bridges often use cameras to record vehicles that pass through toll booths without paying the tolls.
  • Parking Violation Tickets: Many cities and municipalities will use surveillance cameras to monitor and enforce parking regulations.
  • No Vehicle Insurance Tickets: They place these cameras throughout the State, and move around without notice. The traffic camera captures the license plate and runs it against State insurance records. If the vehicle doesn’t appear on the vehicle insurance records the camera issues a no insurance ticket to the registered owner.

Local Examples of Traffic Camera Tickets

Recently in Oklahoma, new vehicle owners will sometimes receive fines in the mail for alleged lack of insurance on the new automobile. In some cases here in Tulsa, the new car has not been registered yet while in the 30 day grace period to register a new vehicle. The lack of registration can cause the insurance to not pull up on the temporary tag for that reason. This can be frustrating, as one of the last things someone wants to deal with after buying a vehicle is have a fine because of it.

There is also the issue of license plates from traded or sold cars having the previous owner’s info. This is usually due to the old tag remaining on the vehicle, either due to the current owner or the previous one neglecting to remove it. Nevertheless, receiving a ticket from a vehicle you recently sold is something no one wants to face.

The Legality of Traffic Camera Tickets

Traffic Camera Ticket

The legality of traffic camera tickets can vary significantly depending on the jurisdiction and the laws in place. Whether these tickets are enforceable or not depends on a combination of factors. These can include local regulations, state or provincial laws, and the specific distribution of the tickets. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Local Laws and Regulations: Each jurisdiction may have its own laws and regulations governing the use of surveillance cameras. These laws typically outline the specific requirements for camera usage, notification, signage, ticket issuance, etc.
  • Proper Notification: Some jurisdictions require that surveillance cameras are marked with signs indicating their presence. These signs serve as a form of notification to drivers that they are being monitored, and violations may result in tickets. The absence of proper signage could be a defense against a ticket being enforceable.
  • Chain of Custody: When it comes to evidence from surveillance cameras, there must be a clear and unbroken chain of custody protecting the evidence’s integrity. This means that the storage of the must be proper to prevent tampering or alterations.
  • Verification of the Offender: Typically, the issuance of surveillance camera tickets are to the registered owner of the vehicle. This does not necessarily mean the person who committed the violation. To ensure the correct offender is cited, some jurisdictions may require additional evidence linking the driver to the violation.

Some Legal Considerations

Over the years, the legality of surveillance camera tickets has been subject to legal challenges. Some jurisdictions have sought to ban or limit the use of certain types of surveillance cameras for traffic enforcement. Oklahoma law only requires one party to be aware of a recording. Thus, this means there is a limit to seeking protection from surveillance in our state despite privacy concerns.

Options for Contesting Tickets

Contesting a traffic camera ticket in Oklahoma will typically involve several steps. Here are some steps that you can take:

  • Review the Ticket: The citation will typically include details about the purported violation, such as the date, time, location, and a photograph or video evidence of the violation.
  • Determine Valid Grounds for Contesting: In Oklahoma, common reasons for contesting surveillance tickets may include:
    • Incorrect or incomplete information on the ticket.
    • Proving you were not the driver of the vehicle at the time of the violation.
    • Challenging the accuracy and reliability of the surveillance equipment.
    • Claiming the traffic signal was malfunctioning.
    • Asserting that the violation was due to an emergency situation.
  • Contact the Issuing Agency: Contact the issuing agency to inquire about the process for contesting the ticket. Typically, you will find contact information on the ticket itself.
  • Gather Evidence: Collect any evidence or documentation that supports your case. This may include witness statements, photographs, maintenance records for the camera equipment, or any other relevant information.

In some instances, you can request a hearing to dispute the ticket. It’s important to know the specific procedures and rules for contesting surveillance tickets in the city or jurisdiction in Oklahoma where the violation occurred. For this reason, it’s crucial to follow the instructions provided on the ticket and by the issuing agency. Most citations will have a website listed on the paperwork that will allow you to submit an online contestation form.

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