If I Lose My Job, Do You Still Have To Pay Child Support in Oklahoma?

You Still Have To Pay Child Support

In Oklahoma you still have to pay child support if you loose your job but there are some things you can do. The law views child support is an essential obligation of every parent. The Family Court tells us every child has a right to receive economic support and emotional care from their parents. Even in the face of challenging economic circumstances, such as the loss of a job or a decrease in earnings, your child needs support to provide the essentials of their life. If you pay child support currently, you will continue to owe these obligations to your child even if you lose your job.

Indeed, the loss of a job or a decrease in your income is a significant change in circumstances that could interfere with your ability to provide the support you had been ordered to provide in a previous court order. If you lose your job or your hours are cut so that you are earning significantly less money, you have some options as to how to handle your child support obligations.

Document Your Case

If any changes are needed in your child support obligations, it is up to you and your lawyer to establish the reasons for the change in court. You will need all the relevant evidence, including evidence of your previous earnings in the form of a paystub from your prior employment as well as proof of the change, whether it is in the form of a document showing the loss of your job or a letter explaining the decreased hours at work. Support your case by showing any benefits you may receive to compensate for lost income, like unemployment compensation or a severance amount from your previous employer. Suppose the judge sees evidence of a severe financial hardship that causes you to be unable to meet all your economic obligations. In that case, you may be able to convince the court to modify your child support obligation. 

Respect Obligations, Its The Law

Until the court has ordered a new amount you owe, you must pay your prior amounts due. If possible, avoid entering a delinquent status with past-due child support as you petition the court for a change of obligation. State agencies have the legal power and the ability to deduct amounts due on your child support obligations from many sources. This can include withholding wages, workers’ compensation, or unemployment benefits that you may receive, and retirement or social security benefits that you may have entitlement to. 

If you fail to pay your child support obligations without explaining the reasons and showing changed circumstances, you will find that the obligations due will continue to pile up. Not only will the amounts due add up when you don’t pay, but interest on the amounts due added to the total increases your obligations. The state can even access bank accounts and seize money in your account or garnish your wages to satisfy your obligations. It is in your best interests to keep your payments current and explain any changes as soon as they happen.

Modification Of Support Orders

Courts in Oklahoma use a formula to figure out each parent’s contributions to the child’s support. These obligations remain in place until the child turns 18. Modifying the amount you owe is possible if there has been a change in circumstances, like the loss of a job or a decrease in hours or total pay. 

Oklahoma Child Support Contempt

Its critical that if you lose your job and cant pay the child support as ordered that you get in front of the problem. This means that you quickly file a motion to modify the support. If you do not do this the other side in your case will file a contempt case against you. This puts you on the child support contempt docket in Oklahoma and can land you in real trouble. Basically if the the court finds that you willfully disobeyed the order you are subject to 6 months in jail and to pay the attorney fees associated with the case.

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