What Are The Different Kinds And Sentences For DUI In Oklahoma?

Difference Between Robbery and Larceny

Sentences for DUI In Oklahoma depend on many different factors. All criminal offenses have direct and indirect consequences. Frequently, the indirect consequences are worse than the direct consequences. No-contact sex offense cases, like indecent exposure matters, are a good example. These cases usually are misdemeanors. Yet they usually also require long-term registration as a sex offender. The societal, economic, and other effects of registration are usually worse than the court supervision that follows these convictions.

DUI is much the same. As outlined below, there are direct and indirect penalties for DUI cases. These penalties usually add up to about $20,000, even if the DUI was a first offense and a non-collision matter. The collateral expenses are usually a lot higher than the direct expenses.

Direct Sentences For DUI in Oklahoma

Penalties for a DUI depend on if the crime is a misdemeanor or a felony. For a felony conviction the consequences are much more severe. Extended court supervision and possible long-term driver’s license suspension are perhaps the two most significant direct consequences of a DUI conviction in Tulsa County.

This court supervision usually involves probation. Extended incarceration is very unusual in a DUI, except in extreme cases like a DUI manslaughter or when someone is injured because of the DUI. Simply stated, incarceration costs money. Probation costs the state money as well, but not nearly as much, especially since probationers pay modest supervision fees.

In addition to paying fees and regularly reporting to a probation officer, most probationers must complete other program requirements, such as an alcohol evaluation, victim impact panel, and community service. Probationers must also adhere to specific rules. Normally, they cannot commit any other offenses against the state, they must work or go to school full time, and they must avoid “injurious” people, places, and habits.

Failure to report and picking up a new case are the most common probation violation cases in Osage County. Sometimes, a Tulsa DUI lawyer can intervene and stop failure to report issues before these matters reach prosecutors. Probation officers often give defendants a chance to make things right in these situations. New case revocations usually go straight to prosecutors.

DUI and Your Drivers License

DUI driver’s license suspension is usually a year for a first offense and two years for a second offense. If defendants drive vehicles equipped with an Ignition Interlock Device, they can usually keep driving.

Common IID violations include an excessive number of rolling refusals (not providing a sample while the vehicle is in motion), tampering with the device, and circumventing the device (usually convincing someone else to provide a sample).

An attorney doesn’t stop advocating for you just because the judge’s gavel falls. Complete revocations of probation or IID privileges are rare. Usually, judges require probation violators to spend a few days in jail as a condition of reinstatement. Common IID violation resolutions include a longer monitoring requirement or a device attachment, like a camera that records the person’s face.

Indirect Costs For DUI Convictions

Employment issues and high auto insurance rates are the two most frequent indirect DUI consequences in Oklahoma.

Unless you get the record expunged people will be able to see the criminal record. Because they can see the record they will make judgements about you. The employment problems could affect the interview or retention stage. Many employers believe that DUI is a poor judgment offense. These individuals are not bad people. They just make bad choices. Frequently, that assessment is correct. Additionally, if the job requires driving a company vehicle, problems often arise. Many commercial insurers do not cover individuals with DUI convictions as a matter of policy.

All DUI convicts must normally buy high-risk SR-22 insurance policies and keep these policies for at least three years. SR-22 premiums are usually about three times higher than standard auto insurance premiums. As much as half of the aforementioned $20,000 figure could be higher auto insurance premiums.

Consulting With An Oklahoma DUI Lawyer

When you face DUI charges, it is normal to be worried and uncertain about how the process will go because the stakes are high. It is essential that you talk with an experienced criminal defense attorney who clearly understands Oklahoma DUI laws and can help you protect your rights and interests. The consequences of a DUI conviction can stay with you for many years. While the sentences for DUI in Oklahoma are harsh the punishment can be mitigated by doing certain things. For a free consultation, reach out to Kania Law Office today by calling (918) 743-2233 or contacting us online.

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