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Work Related Back Injuries | Kania Law Office Tulsa AttorneysWork related back injuries involve trauma, strains or general wear and tear to the muscles or bones of the back.  The most involved area of work related back injuries is the Lumbar and Cervical Spine areas. Other back problems resulting from a work injury is damage to the vertebrae or herniated disks.

Certain types of work related activities cause injuries to the back.  Those activities usually involve a trauma or other impact to the back area. Certain repetitive motions that involve twisting, bending, pulling, or pushing are also contributing factors.  Many times injuries to the back result from lifting a weight that’s to heavy or while the worker’s twisting or turning.

Treatment For Work Related Back Injuries:

Treatment of back injuries depends greatly on the severity of the injury.  Generally speaking, if you’ve herniated a disk or suffered from a traumatic event to the back the injury will be considered more severe. If on the other hand the injury doesn’t involve a trauma or repetitive wear and tear the injury may be soft tissue. In any event many workers compensation Doctors in Oklahoma will begin your treatment with conservative measures involving physical therapy. If this doesn’t help The Doctor may refer you to an Orthopedic surgeon. The Orthopedic Surgeon may do additional testing including MRIs. If the Orthopedic Doctor recommends surgery he will seek approval for the surgery from the Insurance Companies claims adjuster.

In any event your Tulsa workers Comp attorney files a form nine with the Court. This form asks the Judge to approve the medical treatment per the Doctors recommendation.  In addition to surgery and physical therapy you may be eligible for temporary disability and ultimately permanent partial or permanent total disability.

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