What Are Federal Internet Crimes And How Is it Punished in Federal Courts Oklahoma


The term “federal internet crimes” is quite broad and can encompass a wide range of offenses committed using the internet that fall under federal jurisdiction. These crimes can carry significant punishment and are prosecuted by the federal government. This includes crimes committed on Indian land or that include native victims or defendants. As with any criminal charge the consequences are serious. This is especially true if its The United States v. an Oklahoma citizen. See the following article for more information on computer related crimes in the federal system and on the federal indictment system:

  1. Cyberstalking
  2. Identity theft
  3. Hacking
  4. Fraudulent schemes conducted online
  5. Child pornography
  6. Copyright infringement
  7. Cyberterrorism
  8. Drug trafficking facilitated through online means
  9. Money laundering through online platforms
  10. Online harassment or threats

Classification Of Federal Internet Crimes In Oklahoma

Whether its a district court or a federal court crimes are charged either as a felony or misdemeanor. In federal court when they bring this kind of a case they usually charge the crime as a felony. The classification of a federal internet crime as a felony or misdemeanor depends on various factors, including the specific statute violated, the extent of harm caused, the defendant’s criminal history, and any aggravating or mitigating circumstances present in the case. Its also usually brought in the form of multiple counts. With each count representing each individual violation they are charging.

Felony Computer Crimes

Federal crimes charged as felonies carry a broad and all encompassing range of punishment. Additionally if you are convicted of a federal crime you don’t get the benefit of deferred sentencing options as this doesn’t exist in the Federal system. Some internet-related offenses, such as hacking into government systems, large-scale financial fraud, or distributing child pornography, are typically classified as felonies due to their seriousness and potential for significant harm. These offenses often carry harsh penalties, including lengthy prison sentences and substantial fines.

Misdemeanor Computer Crimes In Federal System

On the other hand, less severe internet-related offenses, such as certain types of online harassment or minor instances of unauthorized access to computer systems, may be classified as misdemeanors. While these offenses can still result in criminal charges and penalties, they generally carry lighter sentences compared to felonies. In the federal system, it’s uncommon for prosecutors to bring misdemeanor charges independently. When you find misdemeanor internet crime they are usually as part of a bigger case that involves other felony charges.

Range Of Sentencing

In some cases, federal internet crimes can carry significant penalties, including lengthy prison sentences and substantial fines. For example, hacking into government systems or engaging in large-scale financial fraud online could result in decades of imprisonment. Additionally, enhancements may apply if certain aggravating factors are present, such as targeting vulnerable individuals or using sophisticated techniques to carry out the crime.

Federal Criminal Defense You Can Count On

Being charged with a federal internet crime is no walk in the park. When the federal prosecutors bring a case they throw the whole weight of the government against you. Its not to say that a State district Court crime is a cake walk its just pointing out the massive resources the Feds have at their disposal and that they are willing to use. Individuals facing charges for federal internet crimes should seek serious legal representation. The kind of criminal defense attorneys that are ready to devote the considerable resources required to fight this kind of case and understand certain unique federal defenses. The Federal criminal defense attorneys at Kania Law Office offer a free consultation and will help you evaluate the range of options you have. Call our Internet crimes attorneys at 918.743.2233 or click this link to ask a free online legal question.

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