What Is The Best Evidence In A Custody Dispute in Oklahoma?

Evidence In A Custody Dispute

There are different kinds of evidence in a custody dispute. The evidence used will help the courts determine which parent should have sole custody or if joint custody is better. In Oklahoma, a judge will only approve a custody plan that promotes the best interests of the child. If parents cannot mutually agree to such a plan, the court will…

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Placing Children On A Protective Order To Establish Custody in Oklahoma?

Children On A Protective Order

Placing children on a protective order in Oklahoma is not recommended. A protective order directs a named defendant to follow specific conditions of conduct or behavior. It directs the defendant in the restraining order to stay away from the person who got the order. It serves as a warning to a defendant that violations of a protective order will result in…

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Is There A Crime Of Parental Kidnapping In Oklahoma?

Parental Kidnapping

Parental kidnapping in Oklahoma is a serious crime. This crime occurs when one parent takes a child from the other parent without legal permission. In the United States, parental kidnapping is most common type of kidnapping, as parents are more likely to commit the crime than non-parents. Normally this kind of kidnapping is part of an ongoing child custody case or a divorce. Most state…

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Determining Child Custody For Unmarried Parents In Oklahoma?

Age Considerations For Child Visitation

Child Custody For Unmarried Parents in Oklahoma is determined by filing a petition for paternity in the district court where the child is found. It may come as a surprise that ninety percent (90%) of all child custody arrangements are determined through mutual agreement between the parents, without court intervention. So what happens when the parents cannot agree on the…

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What Is The Best Custody Arrangement In Oklahoma?

Best Custody Arrangement

The best custody arrangement In Oklahoma depends on the particular situation and facts of your case. Going through a separation or divorce can come with many logistical and emotional challenges. If there are children involved, it can be even more difficult. There can be many factors in deciding on a plan for custody and visitation. At the center of custody…

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What Is The Waiting Period For A Divorce In Oklahoma?

Shared Parenting in Oklahoma

There is a waiting period for divorce in Oklahoma that depends on a few different factors. Deciding to get a divorce can be one of the most challenging decisions you’ll have to face. Not only are there all kinds of arrangements to consider, but there are also so many emotions to navigate. Adding the grieving of your relationship to all…

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Mistakes To Avoid In A High Asset Divorce in Oklahoma

High Asset Divorce

A high asset divorce in Oklahoma requires a certain set of legal skills. You’ve worked all your life to get to where you are, and divorce shouldn’t strip you of all that you have. You may have come into the marriage with a business that you’ve built and now its worth millions. Still others come into a marriage with large…

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Do I Need Parental Consent to Get a Passport For My Child?

Oklahoma Custody and Visitation During Coronavirus

Getting parental consent to get a passport shouldn’t be so difficult but sometimes it is. Traveling is fun. The world is vast and has so much to show you and your child. When you’re a parent, it’s not hard to imagine times when you want to travel with your child overseas. But there are times when you need parental consent…

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The Purpose Of Mediation In Child Custody and Divorce In Oklahoma

Mediation In Child Custody

Mediation In Child Custody and Divorce or paternity In Oklahoma is designed to settle your case without a trial. An unfortunate reality of having kids or marriage is the possibility of it ending in a dispute. If your marriage ends or you have a child custody disputes, your entire life can be flipped upside down. The emotions and feelings that…

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Child Custody and Unmarried Parents in Tulsa

Child custody and unmarried parents are often issues related to judicial determinations of paternity. If an unmarried couple has one or more children and decides to part ways in the State of Oklahoma, then they might fight over who gets the kids after the separation. The rule for most states is that the mother gets awarded sole physical custody unless…

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Temporary Custody Orders in Tulsa

Temporary Custody Orders in a custody case mark the first custody leading up to a final order. If you and your spouse are heading down divorce or paternity lane, and you have children together, then you’ll have to work out a child custody arrangement. While most parents have plenty of time to figure out child custody – some need arrangements…

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The Impact of Social Media in a Tulsa Custody Case

Social media has become an integral part of our lives today. While social media interactions are mostly healthy and beneficial, you should be aware of the potential impact of social media in a Tulsa custody case. Child custody battles, in particular, can be highly sensitive matters, and what you post on social media before or during the case can have…

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Can I Get Sole Custody in a Tulsa Custody Case

Once you and your spouse or unmarried partner split up, you’ll have to determine what custody arrangement you want in place. This is certain and must be done in both divorce and paternity cases. Most parents, when asked what type of custody they prefer, respond that they want sole custody. It is understandable given that most parents want as much…

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Oklahoma Custody and Visitation During Coronavirus Outbreak

Oklahoma Custody and Visitation During Coronavirus

Oklahoma custody and visitation during Coronavirus may be impacted but be careful. With the Family Law Courts in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma effectively closed parents have lots of questions. Many of them involve violations of the existing orders or interpretations of them. Still others involve each parents responsibility to keep the children safe from the virus. In any family law…

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Child Support Modification Explained

Driving Without Insurance

Oklahoma Child Support Modification is a right that both parents in a custody case have. Many people have questions about how the courts compute child support and what happens if a child support modification is necessary.  Under Oklahoma law, there is a schedule that allows for computation based on gross monthly income of both parents.  This article will explain some…

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Child Care Abuse Charges

Child custody

In April of 2017, parents of a 4 year old girl confronted a Nebraska daycare worker after witnessing a video of child care abuse against their daughter.  The worker full force punches the girl in the arm and violently shakes the girl on the video after the girl begins crying.  The parents of the girl are pressing charges against the…

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Relocating With Your Child after Oklahoma Divorce

Spouse Refuses To Sign The Divorce

Relocating With Your Child after Oklahoma Divorce is possible but requires that you do certain things first. Often times, Oklahoma parents will have the opportunity to leave the state for many reasons.  This could be better employment, closeness to out of state family, or other pressing reasons.  However, having a custody and visitation agreement make things more complex.  This is…

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Should I Move Out Before I file Divorce?

When beginning a contested divorce or child custody dispute, you might feel a compelling desire to vacate the family home.  Married couples and unmarried parents do not generally end their relationship because of effective communication and enjoyment of each other’s company.  Should I Move Out Before I file Divorce is the question Im asked all the time. Although unpleasant, there…

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