Oklahoma Step Parent Adoption

Oklahoma Step Parent Adoption | Kania Law Office Tulsa LawyersOklahoma step parent adoption law requires you to meet certain legal requirements. The process is easier than a non family member adoption but is still complex. Start to finish an average case takes about six months. Once the Oklahoma step parent adoption is complete the step parent has all the rights of the natural parent.

Adoption Process:

The first step is that the rights of the natural parent need to terminate. This can happen either by agreement or through a court ordered termination trial.

Termination by agreement makes the case much easier. An incentive to a parent that isn’t raising the child is that the adoption stops the child support they owe going forward. In the event the parent consents to the termination we simply draft the appropriate paper work and include it in the Oklahoma step parent adoption petition.

Termination by Court Order is more difficult. For the Oklahoma step parent adoption to move forward you need the court to terminate the biological parents rights. There are certain statutory basis’s for terminating those rights. The first is that the biological parent hasn’t provided child support to the child for over a year. The next basis is that the parent hasn’t had a parent child relationship with the child for over a year.

Oklahoma Step Parent Adoption Final Orders:

Once the Judge approves the paper work, and if a necessary termination trial is over, the process is near complete.  At this point we have a hearing where the Judge signs the final order. By the time we’ve gotten to this hearing the process has gotten far more relaxed. At this hearing I’ll ask you certain statutory questions. All this is done so that a record of the proceeding is made. Once complete the Judge signs the order and its done. At this point the step parent now has all the legal rights as if they were the natural parents.

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