Supervised Visitation

Many circumstances in domestic cases, consequently, lead to a situation where a court orders that one party’s visitation with his or her minor children be limited to supervised visitation by a professional third party.

Oklahoma statute, under the Oklahoma Child Supervised Visitation Program (Okla. Stat. tit. 43, § 110.1a (2004)), provides that the associate district judge of each county may create a supervised visitation team to (a) identify entities which will provide a place for visitations to occur, (b) identifysupervised visitation individuals willing to serve as third-party visitation supervisors, and (c) establish training requirements for volunteers.  However, it seems that the majority of counties in Oklahoma have failed to establish such teams. Therefore, we’ve provided this page to help those trying to exercise their supervised visitation rights.

Licenses for Oklahoma Visitation Supervisors:

There is no official licensing or accreditation authority for supervised visitation in Oklahoma. Thus, each district court has the opportunity to facilitate a process by which visitation supervisors can be approved; however, few, if any, district courts have done this. There is though a national non-profit organization, known as the Supervised Visitation Network, that has created standards for supervised visitation, to which many providers listed below subscribe.

Oklahoma Supervised Child Visitation Resources

Supervised Visitation Network – National Source with lists of supervised visitation providers and detailed Standards and Guidelines for supervised visitation practice.

Supervised Visitation Providers in Oklahoma:

VisiCare of Oklahoma, LLC – Provides the supervision of court ordered parent-child visitations. They are also able to offer flexibility in providing accommodations for you and your child. Additionally, all VisiCare Supervised Visitation Personnel have a Bachelors degree.  Further they have direct experience with supervised visitations. $25 an hour, 2 hour minimum. Serves Tulsa Metro Area.

Visit Solutions Court & Community Services – Provides supervised visitations at the non-custodial parent’s home within the greater Tulsa area. All supervisors have a bachelors degree and at least eight (8) years experience in this or a similar field. Charge $25.00 per hour.
P.O. Box 33107
Tulsa, OK 74135
Pam Thomas
(918) 298-5797
(918) 638-1575 – Cell

Matthew Mellage – Specializes in supervision for high risk cases. Therefore, an off duty police officer is present for all visitations. $40.00 per hour. Serves the greater Tulsa, Oklahoma area.
Broken Arrow, OK
(918) 557-5545

Safenet Services, Inc. – Handles supervised visitation for $40.00 per hour or $60.00 per hour with a counselor also available for therapeutic visitation. Further, security guards can be present for the visitation for an additional fee.
Donna Grabow
P.O. Box 446
Claremore, OK
(918) 341-1424

Super Visits, LLC
Grove, OK
(918) 787-2361

The Parent Child Center of Tulsa, Inc. – Marshall Crutcher heads up the supervised visitation program for The Parent Child Center of Tulsa.  This is a non-profit organization to help children and also parents in Tulsa. All visitation supervisors have a license in Professional Counseling or at least a Masters Degree in a related field. Charges for services are provided on a sliding scale which are further based on the income of family.

Each parent (custodian and non-custodial) must schedule an intake.  In addition, the charges range from $0 to $125 for families that make $40,000 or greater per year. Fees for visitation range from $0 per hour to $65 for the first hour and $30 for each additional hour afterward. At the beginning all visitation must be completed at the Parent Child Center of Tulsa, located near downtown Tulsa. Later, by agreement of all parties, visitation can go off site, to locations such as parks, the zoo, the mall, or movie theaters.

1421 South Boston
Tulsa, OK 74119
(918) 599-7999
(918) 699-0508 – Marshall Crutcher

Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) – Only provides supervised visitation in special circumstances.


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