Prenuptial Agreements

In Oklahoma, prenuptial agreements (also called antenuptial or premarital agreements) are valid. These are agreements prior to marriage inPrenuptial Agreements | Kania Law Office Tuls Lawyers case of divorce. Oklahoma courts will enforce their terms regarding support alimony as well as property settlement as long as some requirements fulfill.  Mainly that:

  • The agreement is fair in its provision for the spouse opposing it,
  • Full disclosure was made to the opposing spouse of the financial situations of the other or that the opposing spouse had a generally accurate knowledge of the financial situation of the other when the opposing spouse executed the agreement.
  • The agreement is not void as being against public policy.

Post-Marital Agreements in Oklahoma:

In Oklahoma, post-marital agreements (also called Separation Agreements) are also valid. These are agreements made during the marriage when a couple is separating. This is usually done in anticipation of divorce to deal with the marital situation in the interim. This type of an agreement allows the parties to make arrangements going beyond what the courts are able to do. For example, a separation agreement can allow the parties to extend child support payments to cover a child’s college years, or alimony payments to extend beyond the alimony recipient’s remarriage.

Prenuptial Agreements Attorneys in Oklahoma:

A prenuptial agreement isn’t a dirty word. Its doesn’t mean that you plan a divorce or that you’re going in to the marriage a sinic. Rather the agreement is a way to protect both parties from what would otherwise be unforeseen hardships in the event of divorce. The keys to an enforceable pre-nup are full disclosure and the basic fairness of the agreement. Don’t spend time drafting a prenup only to have it invalidated on a technicality that was easily avoidable. We’ve drafted countless agreements and want to do one for you.

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