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Tulsa Traffic Ticket Attorneys - Tulsa Traffic Ticket LawyersOur Tulsa Traffic Ticket Attorneys help with traffic tickets in Oklahoma. When a person’s ticketed with a traffic offense in Oklahoma, the potential consequences are more then a simple fine. This is because the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety maintains your driving record and compiles “points” from driving incidents and citations.  Each offense has a point value. If too many points accumulate within a given time frame your driving “privilege” (license) can be suspended. For many, the suspension of driving privileges can lead to a downward spiral of misdemeanor charges of driving under a suspended license and further loss of driving privileges. Over the years we’ve seen people 

Tulsa Traffic Ticket Attorneys Can Help:

Tulsa Traffic Ticket attorneys don’t plead your case until examining all the circumstances surround the case.  This also includes considering the burden of proof that either the City of Tulsa or the State of Oklahoma must meet. Like in any other criminal case the state has to meet a burden of proof before you can be found guilty of violating a traffic ordinance. A sharp traffic ticket attorney in Tulsa will review the facts and circumstances of the driving regulation you’ve been charged with violating. After comparing those facts to the City of Tulsa Municipal code or the States driving regulations we’ll consider their case. If the City or States case is strong we’ll deal with it from there. If on the other hand the case isn’t we can have a hearing.

Reducing Your City of Tulsa or State Traffic Ticket:

Depending on your past driving record and  the ticket you’ve received there’s a good chance our Tulsa Traffic Ticket attorneys can help you. When you get a traffic ticket in Tulsa or a surrounding municipality we’ll go meet the City prosecutor. We’ll point out to them any positive attributes about your driving record and review the evidence with him or her. After some negotiation we’ll try to work out some kind of plea bargain. This is done in exchange for reducing the sentence. If we can reach a deal we go forward and enter a plea bargain that reduces the original traffic ticket.

Probation For Driving Offenses in Tulsa:

If we plead you No Contest to a traffic ticket and get it reduced to a lesser offense, the City will expect you to complete a probation period. This period is part of a deferred sentence. Once the deferred sentence is completed by finishing the period of probation the traffic ticket is reduced to the lesser violation. Probation is easy. The biggest requirement of a deferred sentence is to not violate any City or State traffic regulations. You’ll also have some fines and costs that need paid. Normally you’re given time to pay and once its done its done. The record is reduced and the City violation will expunge from your record.

Oklahoma Traffic Ticket Resources:

Below I’ve provided you some valuable links to information regarding driving regulations in Tulsa and surrounding areas. 

In  Oklahoma Traffic Crimes and Driving Record Point System

     Oklahoma district courts (county courts)

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