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Our Tulsa bankruptcy attorneys deal primarily with chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy. We provide legal representation in all Oklahoma bankruptcy courts. OurTulsa bankruptcy attorneys  bankruptcy lawyers have helped thousands through difficult financial times. Our attorneys have filed nearly two thousand bankruptcy cases throughout the state. In the vast majority of those cases our clients were able to discharge or have forgiven 100% of their debt.

There are different kinds of bankruptcy that depend on your needs. U.S. bankruptcy laws allow some people to get a fresh start by filing chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Still others are able to consolidate debt in to one manageable monthly payment through chapter 13. So, if you’ve suffered financial difficulties, and having trouble paying your monthly bills bankruptcy may be right for you. Before deciding to file you should consult our local bankruptcy attorneys and discuss the details of your particular situation.

Benefits of Filing Bankruptcy:

Generally, bankruptcy can provide several benefits to you. First, by filing bankruptcy, many of your debts are forgiven or paid through a restructuring plan. Second, the telephone calls and letters from creditors to you, your family, and your workplace will stop. Third, if you’re payroll check is being garnished, the garnishment will stop the moment we file your case.  Finally, filing bankruptcy may be a means for you to get your life and your finances back on track again.

Bad credit often creates a vicious cycle for many Oklahoman’s. Once you miss a payment, the cycle begins. Then the late fees and interest start to pile up, making it even harder to pay the monthly bills.  Once your credit score falls, the car and home loans you receive usually are at a very high interest rate. Before you know it, your car is being repossessed or your home is being foreclosed on.  Then to top it all off, they begin to garnish your paychecks and bank account. This in-turn causes you to miss even more monthly payments. For most, this will go on forever. You have the ability to stop the cycle and get a fresh start with a chapter 7 bankruptcy. If chapter 7 isn’t for you a chapter 13 restructures your debt. This allows you to make one monthly payment consolidating what you owe.

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Bankruptcy Might Be Right For You:

The first step in doing so is to pick up the telephone and arrange an in-person consultation with one of our Tulsa bankruptcy attorneys Oklahoma Bankruptcy attorneys. We’ll talk with you and determine if bankruptcy is the right option for you. Additionally we’ll discuss all the different types of bankruptcy and make a plan to move you forward. Bankruptcy isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal. We look very carefully at who you owe money to making sure each debt can be forgiven.

In order for us to determine which bankruptcy would be best suited to your needs, we’ll likely have to qualify you by asking you several questions about your income and household.  We have experience qualifying some people where others fail. This is because we take the time to look at all of the information to assure that we explore all of your options. Once we qualify you, we’ll give you a simple homework packet that can take as little as an hour to complete. From that point on, we do 99% of the work.

While bankruptcy may seem like a difficult task, we’re here to lead you through the process. There will be an experienced bankruptcy attorney by your side every step of the way.  So, if you’re caught in the vicious debt cycle and want a fresh start give us a call and set up a consultation.  Our Tulsa Bankruptcy Attorneys are here to help you move forward with your fresh financial start.

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Millions of Cases Filed Each Year:

If you’re reading this web page than you’re among the millions of Americans facing financial hardship. This  hardship is so extreme that Bankruptcy may be your only solution. Many people with crushing debt don’t understand that they’re not alone. In some years there are as many as 1.7 million bankruptcy cases filed in the United States. In addition to the millions across the United States who found bankruptcy to be the best option for them there are millions more who because of fear of the unknown live with the constant and emotionally crippling stress that accompanies financial hardship. Many of these same people hesitate filing. They do so because they either aren’t aware of the relief offered by  filing bankruptcy. Still others may think of bankruptcy as shameful.

We can tell you that as Tulsa Bankruptcy Attorneys we’ve seen first hand the transformation of our bankruptcy clients. They start as virtual shells of themselves, given the financial nightmare, and become happy thriving individuals after their case is filed. Not only are the creditor calls, wage garnishments, foreclosures and repossessions stopped but once the case is filed they’re well on the way to beginning the process of rebuilding a strong and viable credit score.

Tulsa Bankruptcy Attorneys Discuss New Laws:

Beginning in 2005 a new bankruptcy law was passed. Over the years there have been all sorts of falseTulsa bankruptcy attorneys rumors about who can file and what can be forgiven in bankruptcy.  The truth is that what’s forgiven under the new law is largely the same as the old law. This means that you can still discharge all credit card debt, medical debt, repossessions and foreclosures. Additionally you get forgiveness for  money judgments, garnishments and most other unsecured debts. The primary difference in the law is that certain income limits, “means test” now apply. This means that if you make above the median family income you may have to file a chapter 13 rather than a chapter 7.

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