How Do I Get Rid Of Tulsa Municipal Court Warrant

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A Tulsa Municipal court warrant can be removed but it takes certain action on your part. Its not uncommon for a person issued a traffic ticket or other municipal violation to forget to pay a fine or show up to court. In this instance its a shock to find out that the City issued a criminal warrant for your arrest. If you get picked up on a Tulsa municipal court warrant there are things you can do to avoid problem.

Why Do We Have Municipal Courts in Oklahoma

Courts in Oklahoma are divided between Municipal Court and County District Courts. Municipal courts are created by the City Counsel in the city the court is serving. The purpose of a municipal court is to manage violations of the Cities municipal code violations.

The municipal court violations handled in this court are generally less serious. An example of this type of violation is for speeding or other traffic related offenses. Additionally there are other city ordinances that are prosecuted in the Municipals court. Those can include petty theft cases and other property damage and simple assault violations. Recently, the City of Tulsa Municipal Court also stated to handle misdemeanor DUI alcohol and DUI marijuana cases.

Having a separate court system for handling minor offenses and violations also allows for greater specialization and expertise among judges and court personnel. Municipal judges are often well-versed in local ordinances and regulations, which can help ensure fair and consistent application of the law.

Steps You Can Take To Remove A Tulsa Municipal Court Warrant

  1. Contact the municipal court: Call the Tulsa Municipal Court Clerk’s office at (918) 596-7794 to inquire about your warrant and any outstanding fines or fees associated with it.
  2. Arrange to pay the fine: If there are fines or fees associated with your warrant, you will need to pay them. You can pay them in person at the court or online through the court’s website.
  3. Appear in the municipal court: If the warrant is related to a criminal case, you may need to appear in court to resolve the matter. If this is the case you should have a criminal defense attorney with you. Its important because the criminal Municipal court Judge could sentence you to a jail term.
  4. Turn yourself in to the court: If the warrant is related to a criminal case and you cannot resolve the matter by paying fines or appearing in court, you may need to turn yourself in to the police. This where a criminal defense attorney can make the process go your way. If the crime is not violent an attorney will call the court and ask that you can be added on to the docket. If the courts agrees this will avoid the cost of having to post a cash or property bond.

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It’s important to take care of a warrant as soon as possible. This will help you avoid further legal consequences. Just like a district court or federal warrant a Tulsa Municipal Court warrant can cost you your freedom. Its important that you don’t try to go it alone. When your freedom is at stake and the possibility of a criminal record following you its important to get the help you need. For a free and confidential consultation with a criminal defense attorney call Kania Law Office at 918.743.2233 or click to ask a legal question.

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