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Our Tulsa Personal Injury Attorneys love injury law. Personal Injury Law involves those instances when you or a family member suffer an injury because of someone else’s negligence. The first thing that has to be shown to prove your case is that the individual did in fact act negligently. The law does this by testing the wrongdoers behavior against how a hypothetical reasonable person would behave in similar circumstances and doing similar activities. If that hypothetical person would act differently than we have a negligence case.

Kania Law Office’s Injury Lawyers represent injured Oklahoman’s and their families Tulsa personal injury attorneyswho’ve sustained personal injury due to the negligence of another.  Each year thousands of Oklahoman’s are injured because of another persons negligent acts. This can occur both at work, or in our daily lives. This failure to act reasonably or without due care is the basis of all injury cases.  The law is clear. If you’ve been injured because of the negligent conduct of another you’re entitled to medical treatment and in many cases compensation for pain and suffering.  Our Tulsa Injury Lawyers have helped thousands of injured people and we’d like to help you.

Types of Personal Injury Law We Practice:

Things Needed To Prove Personal Injury:

As personal injury attorneys the next thing we must prove is that the negligent act is the proximate cause of the injury you suffered. This looks at the causal link between the negligent act and the injury you sustained.  The law analyzes this question by looking to the relationship of the act and the injury and asks if it was foreseeable that this act would cause this type of personal injury.

Recoverable Damages:

The next thing that personal injury attorneys must show is that you suffered  damages. Its simple, you have to suffer an injury to get paid for medical bills and pain and suffering.Tulsa personal injury attorneys The damages have to be measurable. This is done largely by looking at your doctors medical reports. The reports will be used as evidence of the injury  you suffered. For you to have a personal injury claim you must have been injured and have also had medical treatment for the injury.

Pain and suffering are those damages designed to pay you for the pain and suffering that resulted from the injury. Again your medical records are going to be useful. A well written medical report will outline the pain levels you suffered. Moreover certain type injuries typically cause a foreseeable amount of pain and suffering. This means that negligence alone without  damages is not enough.  Damages are shown by medical treatment or psychological treatment that was required as as result of the negligent conduct.

Tulsa Personal Injury Attorneys That Care:

When you’ve suffered an injury due to someone’s negligence you deserve to be compensated. Don’t go it alone. Get help from Tulsa personal injury attorneys that are compassionate about injury law. Its about much more than simply getting paid for medical bills together with pain and suffering. Its also about working with an attorney that cares about you. Call us today and lets talk about your case.

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