Can I Get My Gun Rights After an Expungement in Oklahoma

Burden of Proof

You can restore your Gun Rights After an Expungement but there is more to it than people think. Criminal expungement law in Oklahoma allows individuals to petition for the sealing of their criminal records, effectively removing them from public view. This process provides a fresh start for those who have demonstrated rehabilitation and a commitment to leading law-abiding lives. Eligibility criteria typically include completion of sentence requirements, adherence to a waiting period, and avoidance of subsequent criminal activity. Expungement offers the opportunity for individuals to overcome the stigma associated with past offenses, facilitating easier access to employment, housing, and other opportunities. In this article well explain some of the nuances surrounding Expungements and Gun Rights:

Federal Records And Oklahoma Expungement

In Oklahoma, the criminal courts offer different kinds of expungements for people who complete deferred sentences successfully.  Oftentimes, however, the expungement alone without a pardon does not clear the federal records that the FBI holds.  So while employers will not see the expunged cases, law enforcement still can.  As a result, you are prevented from having a completely “clean” record, which in turn, prevents firearm ownership among other things.

Oklahoma’s expungements statutes are found under Title 22 §18.  It is important to note that only six of the sixteen subsections clear your entire record, while the other ten subsections of the statute leave your expunged charges “open to law enforcement”.  This means that most expungements by themselves do not clear your FBI database records—and again will prevent firearm ownership. If you want to restore your gun you need a pardon as well as the section 18 expungement.

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Gun Rights after expungement might be restored but you have to pay attention to what records the feds have. This means that not all section 18 expungements totally restore your rights. This also means that you might need to get a pardon along with the section 18. Our Tulsa Oklahoma expungement attorneys help you ensure that an expungement clears your entire record.  With a completely cleared record, your firearm rights are restored.  We know in which cases you will need more than a court expungement and have the ability and experience to be able to deliver that result in an effective and precise manner. Get a Free Consultation with the Oklahoma attorneys at Kania Law Office by calling 918.743.2233. Or follow this link to ask a free online expungement question.

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