Defining Oklahoma Emergency Custody Orders

Oklahoma Emergency Custody Orders are designed to protect children from an immediate risk of harm. In Oklahoma, thousands of Emergency Orders are issued each year. Most are issued on good valid facts while in some other cases they may be issued on a more dubious basis. A Ponca City woman recently faced arrest and emergency child custody loss.  She faces…

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Child Neglect Crimes in Oklahoma

Child Neglect crimes are considered a form of abuse in Oklahoma. The district attorneys office in Oklahoma are aggressive about prosecuting cases in our state. In 2016 a woman was charged with child neglect crimes after driving under the influence with a two-year-old in the car. When stopped by police, the woman blew a “.17” on a breathalyzer test. Indeed,…

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Child Care Abuse Charges

Child custody

In April of 2017, parents of a 4 year old girl confronted a Nebraska daycare worker after witnessing a video of child care abuse against their daughter.  The worker full force punches the girl in the arm and violently shakes the girl on the video after the girl begins crying.  The parents of the girl are pressing charges against the…

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Child Abuse Domestic Violence Case Dismissed

Pepper Spray

Child abuse domestic violence charges dismissed in Tulsa today. Just like any domestic violence case if its enhanced and charged as child abuse domestic violence the charge must be supported by what the State can prove. This means that State of Oklahoma, when charging Child abuse domestic violence, has to meet the elements of the crime and this includes some…

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