Can Someone Get Custody Over a Sibling’s Child in Oklahoma?

Custody Over a Sibling's Child

In Oklahoma it possible to get Custody Over a Sibling’s Child but requires help from the Court. In matters of primary custody and third party custody the best interest of the child is the touchstone considered by the court. Sometimes, circumstances may arise where a sibling seeks custody over their brother or sister’s child. This usually involves cases where the…

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Are Permanent Guardianships Of Children Really Permanent in Oklahoma?

Permanent Guardianships

In Oklahoma permanent guardianships of children are not always permanent. In the world of child welfare and family law, guardianship plays a major role, especially in cases where a child’s biological parents are unable to provide proper care. The state of Oklahoma has a legal process for what is known as permanent guardianship. This type of guardianship, while intended for…

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Stepparent Adoption

Stepparent adoption is now the most common type of adoption.  Across the U.S. today, the majority of all families are re-coupled or re-married, meaning that millions of children are raised in the care of their step-parents.  Studies show that about 1,300 new step-families form each and every day.  Many stepparents seek to adopt their stepchild following marriage in order to…

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Adopting a Child in Oklahoma – What You Should Know

Oklahoma adoption attorneys go through the adoption process on a regular basis.  If you’ve experienced this process before, you know the stress of gaining the rights to care for the child that you love. There are a variety of reasons why parents and families choose to adopt a child.  No two situations are ever the same. As such, the adoption process is…

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