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Protective order violations in Tulsa are very serious crimes. In April of 2017, a woman reportedly held a man at gunpoint from her front porch.  The man was in violation of a protective order that was issued against him.  He was at the woman’s house demanding her debit card and sitting in her driveway even after being ordered by the court to have no contact with her whatsoever.  Upon the sound of approaching sirens the man fled.  Police caught him only a few blocks away.  This is a typical protection order violation.  While protection orders intend to protect a victim against stalking, harassment, and physical violence, they are often a tool to gain the upper hand in a divorce or custody battle.

Violations of Protective Order Penalties

Oklahoma law punishes violation of a protective order in a variety of ways.  Violations can occur through any type of contact: text, phone calls, in person, etc.  Protective orders Protective Order Violations in Tulsaoften require that a person remain a certain distance from the victim(s) at all times as well.  The orders may also include other prohibitions, depending on the circumstances.  Certain violations are subject to different penalties depending on the order and the severity of the violation.

  1. First Offense and No Physical Injury—This is a misdemeanor charge. In Oklahoma this is generally up to one year in prison or a fine reaching $1,000.
  2. First Offense and Physical Injury Occurs—If the protection order is violated and the person the order means to protect receives injuries, then the crime is still a misdemeanor. However, fines may reach up to $5,000 and there is a minimum 20 days prison sentence.
  3. Second Offense or more—Repeating a violation of a protective order is a felony. Anyone repeating the violation may face prison time up to five years and fines reaching $10,000.

Once you violate a protective order, the court has leave to require you to attend treatment programs.  These may last up to one year and require that you provide proof to the court that you satisfactorily complete the program.  Sometimes a court will also require you to wear a GPS monitor for which you may be liable for all the expenses.

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