What’s The Difference Between Obstructing And Resisting Charges in Oklahoma

Obstructing and Resisting

In Oklahoma, obstructing an officer and resisting an officer are two separate criminal charges. Both crimes involve interfering with law enforcement activities. The two crimes are similar and many times confused with each other. Although they are similar they are totally different. This difference is demonstrated by the different elements and legal definitions between the two.

Obstructing an Officer Charges in Oklahoma

Obstructing an officer, sometimes referred to as obstructing justice or obstructing law enforcement, generally involves actions that hinder or obstruct a police officer or law enforcement officer in the performance of their official duties. This can include actions such as providing false information, physically blocking an officer, refusing to comply with lawful orders, or otherwise interfering with an investigation or arrest. Oklahoma law will often consider obstructing an officer as a misdemeanor offense. As such, penalties can include fines and possible imprisonment, depending on the severity of the obstruction and other circumstances. If guilty obstruction cases are usually eligible for deferred sentencing or other alternative courts.

Resisting an Officer Charges in Oklahoma

Resisting an officer, also known as resisting arrest or evading arrest, specifically involves actions taken by a person to resist or evade the lawful arrest or detention by a police officer. This can include actions such as fleeing from an officer, physically struggling or resisting arrest, or attempting to escape custody after detainment or arrest. Oklahoma law considers resisting an officer as a misdemeanor offense as well, but it can elevated to a felony if the resistance involves violence or if a person uses a dangerous weapon during the encounter with law enforcement.

Obstructing and Resisting In A Nutshell

In summary, while both charges involve interfering with law enforcement activities, obstructing an officer is a broader charge that encompasses hindering an officer’s duties in various ways, whereas resisting an officer specifically deals with actions taken to resist or evade arrest or detention by law enforcement. The specific penalties and classifications of these charges can vary depending on the circumstances and the severity of the interference or resistance. It’s essential to consult with a legal professional for advice tailored to your specific situation if you are facing such charges in Oklahoma or any other jurisdiction.

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