Can A Surviving Spouse Be Disinherited In Oklahoma Estate Planning?

Surviving Spouse

When devising an estate plan, it’s crucial to understand the legal boundaries, particularly regarding the rights of a surviving spouse. 2022 Oklahoma Statutes Section 84-44 provides a framework for what you can and cannot do in terms of disinheriting a spouse. Read on to learn more about spousal disinheritance and why involving an experienced Oklahoma lawyer is crucial in navigating these challenges effectively.

Legal Protections For Surviving Spouses

The fundamental estate planning principle under Oklahoma law is that everyone has the right to dispose of their property via a will a trust or in a probate. However, this right is not without its caveats, especially when it involves the surviving spouse. The law upholds any prenuptial agreements in writing. It also sets forth clear restrictions to ensure that a surviving spouse is not left with less than what is legally due through succession.

Constraints On Bequeathing Estate

The statute explicitly stipulates that a spouse cannot devise so much of the estate that the other spouse receives less than they would through legal succession. This includes provisions that a surviving spouse must receive at least one-half of the value of the property acquired by joint efforts during the marriage. Essentially, this means it limits a testator in their capacity to disinherit a spouse from property that was accumulated together during the marriage. If the property is acquired during the marriage and if it’s not an inheritances it’s probably marital property and can not be transferred from the estate.

The Surviving Spouse’s Election Right

A critical aspect of the statute is the right of election it gives to the surviving spouse. This right allows the spouse to choose to take their one-half interest in the jointly acquired property instead of what was bequeathed in the will. It’s a significant provision that allows a spouse to assert their right to the property, which was the result of the couple’s joint industry. The process for making this election is formal and requires a written document filed with the district court overseeing the estate.

Guardian Or Conservator’s Role

In scenarios where a surviving spouse is not competent to make legal decisions, a guardian or conservator can make the election on their behalf. This is contingent upon the duly appointment of guardian or conservator and their authorization by a competent court. The election made by the guardian or conservator must adhere to the legal requirements, including the attachment of certified copies of their appointment and the court order authorizing them to make the election.

Navigating Disinheritance With Legal Assistance

It’s evident that while Oklahoma law allows for flexibility in estate planning, it also enshrines protections for the surviving spouse, particularly in relation to property obtained during the marriage. The provisions serve to prevent the complete disinheritance of a spouse, ensuring they receive a share that reflects their contribution to the marital estate.

Balancing Testator Autonomy And Spousal Rights

While Oklahoma law recognizes the autonomy of an individual to create an estate plan that suits their wishes, it balances this with the need to protect the surviving spouse’s entitlement. These legal constraints are to uphold the integrity of marital property rights and ensure a fair and just distribution of assets. Considering Oklahoma law in this regard is crucial for anyone currently in the estate planning process in Oklahoma.

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