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Criminal Defense | Tulsa LawyersIf you or a Family member is facing criminal charges in Oklahoma you need representation from skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyers. Criminal Defense Law is unlike most other legal practice areas. Although all legal representation is important there is nothing more personal than jail time and a legal record that trails you for the remainder of your life. The embarrassment and consequences of criminal charges impact you, your family and can result in a loss of your freedom. Our criminal defense attorneys understand this and treat the charges you are faced with as if they themselves are being charged.

Felony and Misdemeanor Criminal Defense:

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Oklahoma it will be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony. Both are criminal charges but are different in their range of potential sentencing.
A misdemeanor charge exposes you to one year or less in County Jail. There are also fines costs and possible probation involved. Additionally many misdemeanor charges are what’s called predicate offenses. This means that if found guilty in a second offense the crime will be a felony.

A felony charge exposes you to over one year in the State Penitentiary. Like a misdemeanor a felony also involves fines and costs as well as probation fees. A felony charge is far more serious than is a misdemeanor. Not only is the potential jail sentence much longer there is the problem with the criminal record. This criminal record can be expunged but the requirement before expungement is granted are more extensive.

Our aggressive lawyers represent their clients from the first day we take your case. This means that your defense begins now. Our attorneys will begin your defense with you in mind. We just don’t plead you not guilty, we fight to show that you’re not guilty. Once we begin your case our defense lawyers investigate the State Of Oklahoma’s basis for the arrest warrant. This means that we investigate witness statements, Police Statements all the evidence that is being offered against you.

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What’s it Cost to Hire a Criminal Lawyer:

No case is just like another. For this reason we don’t have a specific price we charge for a single type of case. Rather, Criminal Defensewe evaluate each criminal prosecution on a case by case basis with an understanding of your ability to pay and what our defense attorneys have to do to fully advance your criminal defense. Generally, a misdemeanor charge is less time consuming than is a felony. For this reason our rates for misdemeanors will in most cases be less than they are for a felony. Also, whether we are forced to put on a jury trial will determine the cost to you. This is because the complexity and time that goes into putting on a jury trial is much greater than is a felony case dismissed at the preliminary hearing or a misdemeanor case disposed with at the Jury Trial Sounding Docket stage of the criminal case.

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