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Family and Divorce law in Tulsa doesn’t have to be so difficult. If you’re facing a divorce or child custody issue you need representation that can both fight when its required or negotiate a settlement when possible. To do both is to be a successful Tulsa divorce and child custody attorney. Once a divorce or custody problem is at hand there’s several things you should be ready to deal with. Those things are part of the family law process and must happen. Below are some Oklahoma divorce law basics intending to answer some of your questions.

Agreed or Contested:

There are two main categories of divorce or custody. They are agreed or contested. An agreed divorce or custody dispute is one in which all issues related to the matter are settled and ready to be made part of the final divorce or child custody order. An example of an agreed divorce is where there are children and the parties agree on child custody, as well as child support together with all other issues related to the divorce. In the case of no children all issues related to property division and support are resolved.

Contested divorce or child custody is one in which the parties can not agree on all or some of the issues. If this is the case we first go to a mediator and try to hash out a settlement that satisfies both of you. If after the mediation we still have not reached an agreement we set the issues for trial. At trial we call witnesses and present all evidence that supports your case to a Family Court Judge who decides the outcome.

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Oklahoma Child Custody and Divorce:

Several types of custody are available to parents who are seeking a divorce or have filed a paternity case. The two most common formsFamily and Divorce law of child custody   are joint legal custody and joint physical custody. Joint physical custody is when the children spend an equal amount of time with each parent. The equal time can be set up how ever the parents want. Some divide time with their children by every other day, every other week or any combination the parents can agree on.

Joint legal custody means that both parents have an equal right to major life decisions made for the kids. This kind of decision might involve religious preference, schools and medical care. Joint legal custody doesn’t mean that each parent has equal physical custody of the kids.

Family and Divorce Law Designed to Help You:

Our Family law attorneys understand the complexity involved with family law cases. Family and Divorce law requires a special touch. Sometimes the family and divorce law problem needs a hammer while other times it requires a soft touch. Which ever your situation is we can help. We’ll try to negotiate a settlement that reflects the needs of your family. If after negotiations there’s no agreement we’ll aggressively move forward with a trial.

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