Truck Accident Attorney in Tulsa Oklahoma

Truck Accident attorney in Tulsa

Our truck accident attorney in Tulsa Oklahoma knows about all types of Truck and car accidents. Vehicle accidents occur frequently on the Oklahoma roads, which is no secret. What you might not know is that many of those accidents are caused by employees driving company vehicles, which significantly affects who is legally responsible for injuries that result from these accidents….

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Filing a Workers Comp Claim

Personal Injury Claims Exemption

Many people know that when they suffer on the job injuries they have the option to file for workers comp.  However, most people do not know the ins and outs of the process to file.  The workers comp laws in Oklahoma have many essential deadlines and other details that if not done correctly could derail your claim.  This article will…

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Shoulder Injuries at Work

Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder injuries at work are among the most common injuries employees suffer.  This is due to the constant and repetitive use by shoulders in order to complete most jobs in any setting.  Some doctors will have nearly 300 patients annually come to their office for shoulder injuries at work. This article will explain more about your options when it comes…

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Negligent Amputation in Oklahoma

Negligent Amputation in Oklahoma is absolutely devastating.  in a 2010 CNN Article approximately 107 people had the wrong body part amputated in the hospital.  Amputation of the wrong body part is a devastating experience. Take for example a Brazilian man in 2013 who had his left leg amputated only to find out doctors were supposed to amputate the right leg…

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Elbow Injury at Work and Workman’s Comp

If you are facing an elbow injury at work in you have a workers compensation claim. Because an elbow injury at work is so costly, its important that you do the right things that ensure the injury id covered. First, on average an elbow injury costs a total of $7,000 for the entire treatment and recovery process.  During the recovery,…

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Knee Injuries Caused at Work

Knee Injuries Caused at Work are covered by your employers workers compensation insurance. Knee Injuries are an extremely common injury in the workplace.  This is even more true if your job is of a physical nature such as construction, fire fighting, EMS, etc.  Knee injuries generally average to a total cost of $20,000 once all medical expenses and recovery is…

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Oklahoma Work Injury Options

workers compensation

Oklahoma Work Injury options include having all your medical care paid by your employers insurance. In Oklahoma employers must carry Workers Compensation Insurance.  This means that if any employee of the company faces on the job injuries, the Workers Comp Insurance will cover them.  It provides benefits to workers who are unable to perform their regular job duties because of the…

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Tulsa Lawyers Discuss Oklahoma Workers Compensation Disability

Oklahoma Workers Compensation Disability

Tulsan’s filed approximately 1200 Oklahoma Workers Compensation disability claims in 2015. This is an estimated 17% of the work force according to the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission Report. As a result, just over $2,350,000 worth of Oklahoma Workers Compensation Disability payments went to the partially disabled employee claims. The partial disability industry is substantial and one that requires legal counsel…

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Tulsa Lawyers Discuss Oklahoma Burn Injuries

Oklahoma Burn Injuries

Oklahoma Burn Injuries cause horrible injuries each year. In Oklahoma, it is common for teenagers and young adults to work in the fast food industry.  Oftentimes this requires handling hot grease and other scalding substances which may result in accidental burn injuries.  Oklahoma State Department of Health statistics show that 17% of burn victims in restaurant work-related burns were under…

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Construction Injuries and Oklahoma Workers Comp

Construction injuries Covered by Oklahoma Workers Compensation

Construction injuries Covered by Oklahoma Workers Compensation depend on your status as an employee or an independent contractor. If you suffer injuries while working on a construction site, the contractor, through his workers compensation insurance, may be responsible for your medical expenses and certain disability payments owed to you.  In Oklahoma, its often a question of if you carry the label…

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What to do if you’re injured at work

When you suffer injuries in a work-related accident, you should not talk with the insurance company’s attorney. You only talk with them about your accident only in the presence of your workers compensation lawyers. You need time to accesses your injuries, to heal and eventually to recover. In the days following your Oklahoma work accident an insurance company representative will be…

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Suing Outside of Workers Compensation Court

Workers’ compensation is generally the sole means of compensation for employees suffering injuries.  Although this is generally the rule, there are several exceptions.  Under certain circumstances, you may be able to sue for damages outside of the workers’ compensation system.  Our Tulsa Workers Compensation Lawyers set these exceptions out and they include the following: Those injured by a defective product may…

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New Workers Comp Laws in Oklahoma

New workers comp laws  were passed in May 2013.  The Oklahoma Legislature passed Senate Bill 1062.  This codified the Administrative Workers’ Compensation Act, the Oklahoma Employee Injury Benefit Act, and the new Workers’ Compensation Arbitration Act.  It also established the Workers’ Compensation Court of Existing Claims. These new Oklahoma Workers Compensation Laws, which went into effect on February 1, 2014…

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Oklahoma Worker’s Compensation Commission Opens in Tulsa

Last year, lawmakers passed legislation that resulted in the new workers compensation laws creating the Oklahoma Worker’s Compensation Commission. As part of the new workers compensation laws the Commission is charged with assisting injured Oklahoma workers in settling their worker’s compensation claims for injuries which occurred on or after February 1, 2014.  Injuries occurring before that time are for the worker’s…

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Can I File for Workers Compensation?

Unlike the tort system, where you are able to file suit against someone who is at fault for causing you harm, such as a personal injury action, a nursing home negligence action, or a medical malpractice action, the workers’ compensation system does not take into account fault. Rather the system is no fault. The key is that the injury happened…

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Your Responsibilities When Filing a Work Injury Claim

Workplace injuries and illnesses are burdensome and can leave you feeling helpless. In order to get through the time it will take to heal from the workplace injury or illness, you will need assistance from workers’ compensation.  This is what you should receive as an employee under Oklahoma law. While workers’ compensation insurance coverage is available to Oklahoma employees for injuries…

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Workers Compensation Law Challenges

A new workers compensation law is set to take effect in February 2014.  The bill creates an opportunity for businesses to opt-out of Oklahoma’s workers’ compensation law program.  They can either self-insuring to provide benefits for injured workers or purchasing policies from approved insurance providers.  This does not eliminate the workers’ compensation system.  It does though enable corporations to provide…

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Contractor Work Injuries

Contractor Work Injuries in Oklahoma are not covered by Workers compensation insurance.The question of whether a worker is an employee or independent contractor is extremely important for on the job injuries.  While the Oklahoma worker’s compensation system can provide free medical care, short-term wage replacement and even long-term disability benefits, these forms of compensation are available only to employees not…

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