Who Pays For Tutoring In A Custody Case in Oklahoma?

Tutoring In A Custody Case

Which parent pays for tutoring in a custody case in Oklahoma depends on several different factors. When parents separate, there are a lot of questions to answer about taking care of children and getting them everything they need to succeed in life. Divorced or Single parents must decide important issues of who is to take on which parental duties so that their children will continue to get the support, guidance, love, and education that will give them the best opportunities as they grow. Among the many things to resolve is the question of who pays for tutoring in a custody case.

In Oklahoma, the responsibility for paying for tutoring in a custody and paternity case can vary depending on the specific circumstances of the case. If tutoring is recommended or ordered by the court as part of a child’s education plan, the costs may be allocated between the parents in proportion to their incomes or in a manner that the court deems fair and reasonable. The court may consider factors such as the financial resources of each parent, the child’s needs, and any other relevant circumstances.

Basic And Extraordinary Expenses 

Family Courts in Tulsa often consider two categories of costs when deciding what things that parents will be responsible for covering in the custody case. On one hand are basic needs, which include a range of essential costs and expenses of raising children. On the other hand, there are extraordinary expenses, which include things that can benefit the children beyond their needs of life that one or both parents may see as important in raising strong and capable children.

Basic expenses cover such costs as:

  • Housing, including rent or mortgage on the place where they live and essential utility costs for power, water, and other expenses to maintain the house
  • Food, generally for groceries that the family needs but not necessarily luxuries like dining out
  • Clothing to ensure that the children are dressed appropriately for activities of life and various weather conditions
  • Transportation to get the kids to school and back and forth between the parents’ homes 
  • Costs of medical and dental care, including what is needed to pay insurance premiums and to cover expenses of co-pays and out-of-pocket payments

The category of extraordinary expenses may include useful things that are not essentials of life, including things like:

  • School trips and outings that require additional payment from the family
  • School supplies like notebooks, pens, computers, and even textbooks as needed
  • Fees for equipment or uniforms that may be required for sports or other extra-curricular activities at school or clubs
  • Additional lessons, such as lessons or costs of musical instruments
  • Tutoring in subjects in which kids may need some extra help and attention

Child Support Calculations

Child support in Oklahoma custody cases is figured by using a formula called the child support guidelines. The parent with physical custody provides the home where the children live and go about their lives. Child support and child support modifications amounts for basic and extraordinary expenses are based on the incomes of the two parents and a division of how much time each spends with the kids. The parent with physical custody that doesn’t include the children’s usual home for half the time or more will typically pay child support to the other parent who provides the living expenses for the majority of their lives. If one parent makes substantially more money than the other, then the court will typically divide the costs of basic expenses between them based on their pro-rata level of income.

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