Different Kinds of Record Expungements

Different Kinds of Record Expungments

If you have a criminal record in Oklahoma and want to seal it there are different kinds of record expungements available. Let’s suppose you were charged with a non-violent felony or misdemeanor, and the court defers your sentence for a certain period of time, let’s say 2 years, and orders you to attend anger management classes during this probationary period….

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Expunging Juvenile Records

Sex Offenses can be Expunged

Expunging Juvenile Records is possible under the law. There are often times people find themselves in terrible situations as a juvenile.  Whether this is due to poor choices or a lack of maturity, it can still have consequences as an adult.  For example, depending on the crimes you are charged with, a juvenile record could enhance your adult charges.  Over…

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Expunging Protective Orders in Oklahoma

Oklahoma law allows individuals to seek protection from undue stalking, harassment or abuse.  Emergency protective orders intend this protection.  If necessary and upon a showing of good cause, a permanent order of protection occurs. While emergency and final protective orders will not actually prevent an individual from choosing to pursue their stalking, harassment or abuse, these orders serve as a…

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