How Long Alimony Lasts In Oklahoma?

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How long alimony lasts In Oklahoma depends on several different factors. Coming to the decision to separate and divorce your spouse was likely not an easy one. If you are like most couples, chances are your finances were shared with your partner throughout the marriage. As a result, when you separate, either you or your spouse may need or want financial support during and after the divorce. Court-ordered payments from one spouse to the other are known as alimony. Below is information about how it works and how long alimony lasts in Oklahoma.

What Is Alimony and Support?

The law in Oklahoma allows for one spouse to receive financial support during and after the divorce and child custody process. The idea is that when a couple separates, it may take time for the parties to become financially independent. During this time, the court may order one spouse to make payments to the other in the form of alimony.

In Oklahoma, there are several types of alimony that can be ordered by a judge. All of the various forms of alimony can only take place during or after a divorce. If you and your ex were never married, then you may not be able to get court-ordered alimony payments.

A judge can order temporary, short-term, or permanent alimony. Temporary alimony is designed to provide financial assistance to a spouse during the divorce process only. Once the divorce is completed, temporary alimony payments will end.

Short-term, or rehabilitative, alimony is typically ordered to give a spouse the time necessary to become self-sufficient. As a result, judges will usually order short-term alimony to end on a specific date.

Permanent alimony, while less common, is usually reserved for couples that have been in long-term marriages where it is unlikely that the receiving spouse will be able to become financially independent. This form of alimony is common amongst older people who cannot re-enter the workforce.

How Long Will It Last?

How long your alimony payments last depends on the type of alimony ordered by the judge. Sometimes alimony is set out in a prenuptial agreement and will dictate its length and scope. The length of your marriage will also be a factor. Longer marriages will typically result in longer alimony payments. Still, a divorce can drag on for years, so even if you have been ordered to pay or receive temporary alimony, the payments may linger on for a significant period of time.

The duration of alimony payments will depend on the financial situation of the spouse receiving it. The underlying concept surrounding alimony is needs-based: if a spouse’s financial situation improves to the point where alimony is no longer necessary, then the judge may end it sooner than originally intended. While each individual situation is different, judges have been known to stop alimony payments if the receiving spouse remarries or begins living with a new partner.

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