Sole Proprietor Business: Start-Up Guide

Revoking a Tulsa will with Oklahoma divorce

Sometimes when a single person is beginning a small company of their own, they will form a Sole Proprietorship.  For instance, some examples of sole proprietorships could be a bakery, a small service shop for vehicles, etc.  In Oklahoma it is relatively simple to establish a Sole Proprietor business.  This is a good way for many people to take advantage…

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Tulsa Lawyers How to Form an LLC in Oklahoma

How to Form an LLC in Oklahoma

How to Form an LLC in Oklahoma is a concern for anyone interested in starting their own business in Tulsa. Business owners and entrepreneurs will often hire business law and formation attorneys  to help establish their companies.  In a large percentage of entrepreneurial endeavors, the owner will form an LLC, or Limited Liability Company.  People choose to form an LLC…

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