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Carpal Tunnel Injuries | Kania Law Office Tulsa LawyersCarpal Tunnel injuries are considered to be repetitive motion injuries. The surgery is to the hand and is known as a carpal tunnel release surgery. The injury involves pain, weakness and tingling to the hands and fingers. The release surgery is a surgery that’s intended to release pressure on the median nerves located in both wrists.

Carpal Tunnel Release:

The carpal tunnel is a canal that’s located in your wrist. The tendons that allow you to grip or close your fingers travel through the carpal tunnel. The procedure, carpal tunnel release, is designed to widen the tunnel by reducing the pinched ligament that the tunnel surrounds.

Work Related Carpal Tunnel Injuries:

There’s many theories as to what causes carpal tunnel but repetitive motion on the job is considered a major cause. If your job requires you to do constant or repetitive motion this may be the cause of pain in your hands and wrists. An example of a work related repetitive motion is, typing, filing heavy documents, any constant turning or pulling motions performed at work.

When ever you suspect that you’ve suffered a work related injury in Oklahoma it’s important that you immediately report the injury to your employer. Oklahoma Workers Compensation Law requires that your employer provide you with medical care once your carpel tunnel injuries are reported to them.

Carpal Tunnel Injuries and Disability Payments:

If you’ve suffered carpal tunnel injuries and your employment is a major cause your employer must provide you with all reasonable and necessary medical treatment. In Oklahoma workers comp cases, if your work injury requires treatment and your workers compensation doctor places you on work restrictions your employer must make light duty available. If your employer doesn’t have light duty they must send you home and pay you TTD for the time it takes you to recover. If your work injury results in a surgery or other treatment once released treated by your Doctor you’ll be entitled to permanent partial disability.

Protecting You From On The Job Carpel Tunnel Injuries:

The law is clear, you don’t have to hire a work in jury lawyer to file your workers compensation claim in Oklahoma. Once you report the injury to your employer they will in-turn contact their workers compensation insurance provider who will put you in touch with the insurance company workers comp adjuster. Although you don’t have to be represented the best way to ensure that you’re paid TTD and PPD as well as provided with all possible medical treatment is to hire an attorney. The attorney will also work to keep the medical open after the work injury case is closed. This allows you to get more treatment in case you have additional problems caused by the work injury.

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