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Slip and Fall Work Injury | Kania Law Office Tulsa AttorneysIf you’ve suffered a slip and fall work injury you’re covered by Oklahoma workers compensation injury insurance. In a work injury case you wont have to prove that you used reasonable care and that the fall was caused by the negligence of your employer.  The primary issue is that you were at work doing your job and that you suffered a slip and fall work injury. What caused the slip and fall work injury doesn’t matter.  In all Oklahoma work injury cases it’s critical that you report the injury to your employer in a timely manner. Its also important that the report is very specific about what happened and what body part is hurt.

You Must Report The Work Injury:

In all workers compensation injuries its critical you report the injury. Oklahoma statutes are very clear. They require that the injury is reported to the employer within 30 days. If its reported within this time the burden is on the insurance company to show the injury isn’t work related. If the injury is reported after 30 days but within one year you may still be covered. The difference is that now the burden to prove the injury happened at work shifts to you. If you fail to report the injury within this additional period the injury is outside the statute of limitations. If this happens the insurance company will not be responsible for your claim

Once you report the injury to your employer you will be entitled to all reasonable and necessary medical treatment that is needed to treat the injury. Also, if you are unable to work as the result of the work injury your employer is required to pay you temporary disability payments until you have completed your medical treatment and have reached maximum medical improvement.

Slip and Fall Work Injury Attorneys Working For You:

We are Tulsa workers compensation lawyers that help injured workers get the medical treatment they’re entitled to under Oklahoma Workers Compensation law. You don’t have to do it alone and depend on your employers workers comp insurance provider for help. If you’ve suffered a slip and fall work related injury we can help you. You are entitled to medical treatment and disability payments depending on the extent of your injury.

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