Homicide Charges in Oklahoma


Homicide charges in Oklahoma carry hefty prison sentences and come as the result of many different circumstances. The city of Tulsa has 80 or so homicides in a typical year.  This is an average that stays within a certain range. One of these includes the beating death of a young woman by her husband.  The husband beat her with a hammer, striking her over 50 times before taking her to a hospital where she died.  As a result, the man is charged with her homicide and awaiting trial. If he receives a conviction, he faces life imprisonment or even the death penalty.  Homicide is of course a crime and is a general term for many ways to kill another, whether intentional or accidental.  This article will explain more.

Homicide Laws in Oklahoma

Homicide charges in Oklahoma is defined as the killing of one human being by another under Title 21 § 691(A).  ThisHomicide Charges in Oklahoma basic definition breaks down into specific types and degree of the crime though.  For example there are (1) first and second degree murders, (2) justifiable homicides, and (3) excusable homicides.

Excusable or Justifiable homicides have their own set of elements to meet.  For instance, if you use a justifiable defense, you must be killing the victim in order to protect yourself or another person from grievous harm or death.  Further, the amount of force you use to protect must not be excessive.  Otherwise the defense will fail.


Punishments For Homicide 

Depending on the category of homicide, you may face a variety of penalties.  First and second degree murder charges may result in death or life imprisonment.  At the very least an offender is looking at a 10 year prison sentence minimum.  Manslaughter crimes, or accidental homicides, can result in a 2-4 year imprisonment and fines.  But if you successfully use a justifiable or excusable homicide defense, you will face no prison time.

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