How To File Divorce In Tulsa

How To File Divorce In Tulsa | Kania Law OfficeHow to file divorce in Tulsa is a common question we get. Generally, how to file a divorce in Tulsa is the same as it is across the State of Oklahoma.  But, each county has certain small differences. For the purpose of illustrating the process this blog post is setting out how to file divorce in Tulsa. If you live in another Oklahoma County the divorce process is very similar with some differences.

Tulsa Divorce With Children:

If you are filing for a divorce and you live in Tulsa County, come to my office and we can draft the petition for divorce. The petition is the first of many documents necessary for your  divorce and is fairly straight forward. It will identify you as the petitioner or the respondent in the divorce.  Then we will set out the names of your children and where they have lived for the past 5 years.  This will be a factor in custody. The divorce petition will also set out the reason for the divorce and this can be for cause or no-fault. The divorce petition will contain other statutory assertions that are requirements of the Divorce Courts in Oklahoma .

Filing The Divorce Petition:

This is the beginning of how to file divorce in Tulsa. Once the petition is filed and served on your spouse, or has been served on you, the matter is set for whats called a PPC. The purpose of this first meeting is for both parties to watch a video about cooping with divorce, and how the divorce impacts your children. Once the video concludes, you and I will attempt to work with the other side and their lawyer to work out an agreed temporary order.  The agreed temporary order sets out an agreement, if possible, for temporary child support, temporary custody and visitation and temporary orders for what other matters may be of concern.

If we reach an agreement on the issues at hand that’s great; if not than we set the matters for a temporary order hearing. At the temporary order hearing we present or evidence to the judge and so does the opposing party. Once testimony occurs with all evidence submitted, the judge will decide and issue a Temporary order.

Temporary Orders in Divorce:

Once the temporary order enters the party’s to the Oklahoma divorce work towards entering a final divorce decree. The final decree sets out all the possible issues and makes them final. This includes but not limited to child custody, visitation, child support, alimony and division of marital debts and assets. If we can not reach an agreement on all matters we next go to mediation as required by the Family Court in Tulsa. If we still cant reach an agreement after having the mediation we next set the disputed issues for trial and like the temporary order hearing put on our trial, present evidence, take testimony and the Judge decides. How to file divorce in Tulsa is not that hard if you have the right divorce attorney in your corner.

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