Can I Fire My Family Law Attorney In The Middle Of A Oklahoma Custody Case?


If you’re asking yourself if I can fire my family law attorney the answer is yes but there are a few things to consider. For many people, the fight over the custody of their children is a matter of extreme importance. Your ability to see your children and be a part of their lives is a precious thing that you would do just about anything for. Hiring an attorney to represent you in this battle is the logical thing to do. But what happens when you become dissatisfied with your attorney’s performance and would like to move in a different direction? Changing attorneys midway through your custody or paternity battle may have an effect on the outcome of your case. Here’s what the law in Oklahoma says about firing your attorney in the middle of your custody case, and some insight into whether it is a good idea.

You Can Fire Your Custody Attorney At Any Time

In Oklahoma, you are allowed to fire your custody lawyers at any time. Its really not as complicated as it might feel. The truth is that attorneys and clients don’t always see eye to eye and go their separate ways more often than you think. You can then decide to hire a new lawyer or represent yourself. It is important to note that just because you fire your attorney does not mean that you will not have to pay them any outstanding fees. The fee agreement that you signed at the beginning of your lawyer’s representation may describe what effect firing them will have on the payment of attorney’s fees.

What Do I Need To Do To Fire My Lawyer?

In order for you to fire your attorney and make sure they cannot continue to bill you, you may want to send a letter saying that you want to terminate their representation of you. The letter should be dated and certified so that you will be able to prove when it was received. In the letter, you will want to ask for a statement of the services rendered and if there is an outstanding balance. If you decide to hire a new lawyer, then your former lawyer has an ethical and professional obligation to help in the transition of your case to the new attorney. This usually means obtaining the file or going to the court and retrieving all the pleading and orders in your case.

When Should I Fire My Attorney?

Let’s face it, not all attorneys are equal. Its even possible that the attorney is wonderful but you just don’t get along or see the case the same way. Some simply care more about their cases and as a result, do a better job than other lawyers. And there are some lawyers who simply make mistakes. If you are unhappy with your attorney’s effort or performance, then it may be wise to consult with another attorney to gauge whether your current attorney is doing all that they can. If your attorney has missed an important deadline, or you cannot get in touch with them, then it may be time to think about going in a different direction. Its a difficult process to get either a divorce or custody for unmarried parents‘ done in a way thjat favorsd you. To get this its important that you and the attorney get along and see the case the same.

Should I Fire My Divorce and Custody Lawyer?

If you’re asking can I fire my family law attorney the answer is yes but there are things to consider.  Custody cases can go on for months, and in some extreme cases, years. If you have been with your attorney for the majority of the life of your case, then switching up in the middle may cause delays that could prevent a speedy resolution. Still, being confident that your attorney is giving you their best is important to your overall mindset concerning your custody case. But firing your attorney is not a decision that you should take lightly. You should carefully weigh all the pros and cons of changing attorneys before you make a decision.

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