What Is Aggravated Speeding In Oklahoma?

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Aggravated Speeding In Oklahoma is a crime that law enforcement takes very seriously. There are two sources of laws that regulate the speed of travel for motor vehicles on the roads and highways of the state. There is the “basic rule” that leaves it to the driver to go at a “careful and prudent speed”, and there are specific laws with maximum driving speeds allowed on the various types of roads in the state. Aggravated speeding is defined in some local jurisdictions, such as Tulsa or Oklahoma City, as going 20 miles per hour faster than the top speed allowed in that zone. If you get a speeding ticket its important that you take care of it promptly. If you don’t the the court will issue a warrant for failure to appear. 

The Basic Rule: Based In Common Sense Oklahoma law sets up a “basic rule” about driving speed that requires all drivers to operate their vehicles “at a careful and prudent speed not greater than nor less than is reasonable and proper, having due regard to the traffic, surface and width of the highway and any other conditions then existing”. In other words, the basic rule is, go at a safe speed for the road and weather conditions at the time.

Speeding Is A CrimeAggravated Speeding In Oklahoma

The law in Oklahoma also defines maximum speed limits for different types of roads:

· 75 MPH on the turnpikes and some rural segments of the interstate highways.

· 70 MPH on four-lane divided highways, super two-lane highways (those with passing lanes built in and 8-foot-wide paved road shoulders).

65 MPH on smaller highways.

35 MPH in state parks or wildlife refuges.

25 MPH in marked school zones or certain residential areas.

There are other rules and restrictions for some commercial vehicles, and school buses have some lower limits, but essentially all of the roads in the state have a recognized maximum speed limit.

Fines And Fees For Aggravated Speeding

The penalties for driving faster than the speed limit include fines, which start small and go up to over a hundred dollars. The fees that are added on to the fines, however, can be more significant, and typically add up to a few hundred dollars in most cases. Currently, the speeding fines in Tulsa are as follows:

$150 fine: 1-10 MPH over the posted speeding limit.

$210 fine: 11-15 MPH over the posted speeding limit.

· $250 fine: 16-20 MPH over the posted speeding limit.

The fine for aggravated speeding in Tulsa and in Oklahoma City is determined by the court. Punishment may possibly include a fine of up to $500 and a jail sentence of up to 10 days.

Points On Your Driving RecordAggravated Speeding In Oklahoma

In addition to money that you are ordered to pay for a traffic violation, Oklahoma Department of Public Safety adds one-to-four points to your driver’s record based on the specific offense. Not only are the points reported to your insurance company, which can result in increases in your car insurance bill, but your license might be suspended if you reach 10 points on your record.

A first suspension lasts one month. A second suspension is three months, and third and fourth suspensions are even longer. You have to be speeding more than 10 miles over the limit to get any points for a speeding ticket, but it goes up quickly:

One point: up to 10 MPH over the speeding limit.

· Two points: 11-25 MPH over the speeding limit.

Three points: 26-40 MPH over the speeding limit.

· Four points: 41 MPH+ over the speeding limit.

Clear Your Driving Record

Your driving record can improve, even if you’ve had points add up for speeding or other traffic violations. Every full year that passes without a new violation results in two points being removed from your record. You can also shave a couple of points off for completing a defensive driving safety course that is approved by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.

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