What Is An Obstruction Of Justice Crime In Oklahoma?

Obstruction Of Justice

Oklahoma obstruction of justice charges and eluding a peace officer charges can result in serious implications. It’s vital to have a clear understanding of what they entail if you or a loved one are facing such accusations and need to mount a winning criminal defense case to safeguard your interests.

Understanding Obstruction Of Justice In Oklahoma

An obstruction of justice crime in Oklahoma refers to willfully delaying or obstructing any public officer from performing their duties. Someone can face an obstruction charge if there is suspicion of deliberately hindering a public officer—such as a law enforcement agent— from carrying out their official duties. However, it’s important to note that this law does not prevent anyone from legally recording the actions of law enforcement in a public space, provided this activity doesn’t interfere with the officer’s duties.

An obstruction of justice charge in Oklahoma is considered a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $500 and a jail sentence of up to one year. While the consequences may vary based on the specifics of the case, it’s essential to consult with a qualified criminal defense attorney to understand the potential legal ramifications and to develop an effective defense strategy. Its not uncommon for an obstruction of an officer case to roll up to an assault on an officer which is much worse.

Eluding A Peace Officer In Oklahoma

Eluding a peace officer, another crime with potentially significant consequences, is more specific in its application. In Oklahoma, this charge applies to any driver who willfully attempts to evade a peace officer after receiving a signal to stop their vehicle.

The law further elaborates that a driver who increases speed, turns off their vehicle’s lights, or makes any other deliberate attempt to escape a peace officer is guilty of a misdemeanor. Repeat offenders or those who endanger others while eluding may face harsher penalties, including felony charges.

Additionally, if a person causes an accident while attempting to evade an officer, resulting in great bodily injury to another individual, they can charge them under the same law. In this context, great bodily injury refers to an injury that either substantially risks death or results in serious permanent disfigurement or long-term impairment of a body part or organ.

Consequences Of Eluding A Peace Officer In Oklahoma

Eluding a peace officer is a serious crime in Oklahoma. A first-time offender faces a misdemeanor charge, which can result in up to a year in county jail, a fine ranging from $100 to $2,000, or both.

For subsequent violations or instances where the elusion endangered another person, the charge can escalate to a felony. The consequences can range from one to five years in the state penitentiary, fines between $1,000 and $5,000, or a combination of both.

If the elusion results in an accident causing significant injury to another person, the offender can face even more severe penalties. This scenario is classified as a felony, with punishments ranging from one to five years in a state correctional institution and a fine of up to $5,000.

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