Oklahoma DOC Time Calculations and Credits

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Understanding how Oklahoma DOC time calculation works gives a person a better understanding of how much they can reduce their time as an incarcerated person. Sometimes, once tangled into the court system, you or a loved one may be required to spend time in the Department of Corrections.  While hearing the length of the sentence can illicit despair, it is not necessarily the final sentence.  Fortunately, the Department of Corrections in Oklahoma allows “time credits” for people who find themselves incarcerated.  These can significantly shorten the time of a DOC sentence.

To begin the process, DOC receives each person at their reception centers—Lexington for men and Mary Bassett for women.  Almost everyone automatically starts on Class Level 2.  This level ensures that for each day you serve you receive a full day of credit, plus 22 more days on top of that, each month.  So in a single month, you could receive up to 43 days of credit for time served toward your sentence!  And this is before you participate in available programs addressing substance abuse, vocational training, education and more.  Participation in those programs will allow you the ability to add Achievement Credits to the other credits you are already receiving based on your Class Level.

Oklahoma DOC Time Calculation and Credits

Class Level 1 – time for time, there are no extra credits

Class Level 2—22 credits extra per month

Class Level 3—33 credits extra per month

Class Level 4—44 credits extra per month

Our criminal defense lawyers provides this example, consider this:  you or someone you love is sentenced to a 6 year term of incarceration.  Your charge is non-violent and does not require a percentage of your sentence be served (like an 85% crime, which you can read more about HERE).  In a 6 year sentence, if you remain at Class Level 2 and do not participate in any programs or other incentive programs, you will serve approximately 3.5 years in custody before your sentence is discharged.  This time will decrease even more if you become a trustee or participate in other DOC programs.

Class Levels can change based on various factors.  DOC mainly considers: good work attendance and productivity; a clean conduct record; participate in programs with aim to improve; positive attitude toward staff and others; and practice good hygiene with yourself and your living space.  All of these will determine whether or not you will be able to promote to a higher Class Level and ensure an earlier release.  The bottom line is, the more you participate while in custody, the sooner you will be out of custody.

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As defense attorneys, if it is necessary to spend time in DOC custody, we strongly encourage you to participate in the many programs DOC has to offer.  While the programs are designed to help you after your release, they will also help you get out of custody significantly faster.  For other questions about Oklahoma DOC Time Calculation or if you need aid in criminal defense or other legal matters, call our office!  Our experienced Tulsa criminal attorneys are here to help. Get a free consultation at Kania Law Office 918.743.2233 or click here to ask a legal question

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