How Much Do Workers Compensation Attorneys Charge To Take A Case In Oklahoma

Workers Compensation Attorneys Charge

In Oklahoma, as in many other states, Workers Compensation Attorneys Charge nothing upfront to take your case. This is because workers’ compensation attorneys typically charge their fees on a contingency basis. This means that the attorney’s fees are contingent upon successfully obtaining benefits or a settlement for you. This is great news for injured workers. Lets face it a work injury can put you back thousands of dollars. Not only do you need medical treatment but you need temporary disability payments while you get treatment.

No Upfront Costs To Take Your Case

Workers’ comp attorneys in Oklahoma usually offer a free initial consultation to evaluate your case. This is where the attorney gets the facts of your case. The information they need includes the body part that’s been injured and if you reported the injury. Based on this consultation the attorney lets you know if you have a case and if the attorney will take the case. The attorney will also tell you what to expect and how the case will progress through the work comp system in Oklahoma.

Work Injury Cases are Done on A Contingency Fee

If the attorney agrees to take your case, they will typically work on a contingency fee basis. This means that they will only charge a fee if they succeed in securing benefits or a settlement for you. The fee is a percentage of the benefits or settlement you receive. If they have to fight to get your temporary disability payments stated they may get a percentage of that as well.

Oklahoma Workers Comp Attorneys Get a Percentage Fee

The exact percentage that workers’ compensation attorneys charge can vary, but it is often regulated by state law. In Oklahoma, attorneys’ fees for workers’ compensation cases are typically limited to 20% of the benefits recovered. This is a percentage of your permeant partial or permanent total disability. This depends on the injury, the body part and the weeks of disability you are entitled to. The attorney’s fee is deducted from your workers’ compensation benefits and that’s not paid until the case is closed.

Expenses Might Be Involved In Your Case:

In addition to the contingency fee, some attorneys may also bill you for out-of-pocket expenses related to your case, such as court filing fees, medical records, and expert witness fees. An example of an expense is the report at the end from pour doctor or expert who rates you after he gives you a medical examination. The fee is typically low and also comes out of the case settlement.

Should I Hire a Workers Comp Attorney

The answer to this is absolutely yes. Its like this…when you have an injury at work its the insurance company that determines what treatment you get and what options they think you have. Many people think its their employer and that they don’t want to put the employer out or make them made. Still others think the employer will make sure they get treated fair. This is wrong, its the insurance company that’s calling all the shots and this insurance company might even deny your claim.

You can rest assured that when you get injured at work and want treatment this same insurance company isn’t going to be all neighborly and run to get you the medical treatment you need. This is true even if it looks like they are giving you treatment. The law and the courts say this, you are entitled to all reasonable and necessary treatment. Its the insurance company that’s determining what’s reasonable and necessary if you don’t have representation.

A Workers Compensation Attorney In Your Corner

Workers compensation attorneys charge to take a case In Oklahoma. The case is done on a contingency fee and nothing is paid to the attorney unless you win. An attorney is going to get you more money and make sure that you get the treatment that is do to you. A work injury doesn’t just go away when the pain stops. The injury can leave you with permanent problems that an attorney can help you deal with. To get a free consultation with a Tulsa, Oklahoma workers comp attorney call the Kania Law Office today at 918.743.2233 or follow this link to ask a free work injury legal question on line.

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