Can You File Bankruptcy If You lose Your job in Oklahoma

Liquidation in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Yes, you can file for bankruptcy in Oklahoma if you lose your job and are facing financial difficulties. Bankruptcy is a legal process that allows individuals and businesses to eliminate or restructure their debts when they are unable to meet their financial obligations. Losing your job can certainly be a significant factor contributing to financial distress and may be a valid reason to consider bankruptcy.

Types Of Bankruptcy You Can File

  1. Chapter 7 bankruptcy typically involves the liquidation of non-exempt assets to pay off as much of your debts as possible. The good news is that in Oklahoma many of your assets are exempt and you don’t lose them when you file. this includes your home, car and all retirement accounts. Many types of unsecured debts, such as credit card debt and medical bills, can be discharged (eliminated) in Chapter 7. However, there are income and asset eligibility requirements you must meet to qualify.
  2. Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to create a repayment plan to pay back a portion of your debts over a period of three to five years. This can be helpful if you have valuable assets you want to protect, or if your income exceeds the Chapter 7 limits.

Do I Qualify To File Bankruptcy

Undeniably filing bankruptcy is a wonderful solution to your financial problems. The biggest obstacle to your fresh financial start and the freedom of being debt free is that you must qualify. Besides only being able to file a chapter 7 eight years from the last date you file there is a means test. The means test requires that you don’t make more than the median income for a family depending on how many family members that are in your family.

What Debts Get Forgiven in Bankruptcy

Think of filing bankruptcy if you lose your job as the best financial relief you will ever get. Unlike debt reduction efforts that often fail bankruptcy can totally eliminate most of your unsecured debt. If you have credit card debt, repossessions, foreclosures, garnishments, payday loans, medical bills and most other unsecured debt.

Put A Tulsa Bankruptcy Lawyer in Your Corner

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