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The Oklahoma eviction process can be tedious and Landlords can only evict tenants for non-payment of rent or other good cause after receiving a valid court order. As a landlord or other property owner, time is not on your side. Every day the hold-over remains in possession of your property costs you money. Our landlord eviction attorneys are here to guide You through the process. Our support includes representation in giving enforceable notice for either their failure to pay rent or for other good cause onto the final court appearance to procure an order of eviction.

Required Notice Periods In Eviction

Knowing which notice period applies to your particular eviction is key to getting them out quick. One slip-up in a procedural requirement like notice may put you right back at the beginning of the court process.

5 Day Notice to Quit

This notice period is one of the most common. This notice period applies mainly to renters paying monthly rent at a date certain each month. For the five day notice to quit the renter is put on notice that they must pay the rent or cure the violation within 5 days. If the renter doesn’t pay due rent or vacate the property within the five days, our landlord eviction attorneys will start the court proceeding against them.

On-The-Spot Notice to Quit

This is the fastest notice option and this accelerated notice period is for emergency situations. An emergency might be the renter is causing damage to the property or is creating some sort of public risk. It can even be used if one renter poses a risk to other renters in the building.

Eviction Without A Reason

This is the easiest eviction of all. In this kind of eviction you may have a relationship with the renter but just need them out. Any reason will do so long as it a reason that’s against public policy. This type notice to quit usually allows the resident 30 days to leave the residence.

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Evictions in Oklahoma don’t always have to be so hard. The first way to make the process better is to get the procedure right the first time. Don’t get in the trap where you have to keep going to the Court in an effort to get the process right. Get a free consultation with landlord eviction attorneys at Kania Law Office or click here to ask a legal question.

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