Can I Get a Name Change After a Divorce in Oklahoma?


In Oklahoma its not uncommon for one of the partners to get a name change after a divorce. After your divorce in Oklahoma, you can either keep you marital name or be restored to your maiden name, its your choice. What you decide is set out in the final order of divorce. The important thing to note is that its your choice. This means that your ex cannot force you to give up the marital name nor can they demand that you keep it. The reason you choose what you choose doesn’t matter but some reasons may be that its the name of your kids. What ever the reason your final decree sets out what you want to do.

Steps in Name Change After a DivorceName Change After a Divorce

1. Under Oklahoma law, you get 10 days from the date you changed your name to inform the Department of Public Safety (DPS). Carry your divorce decree certified copy to a local authorized tag agent or DPS driver examiner and pay the mandatory fee to obtain your new ID card or driver’s license.

2. During your visit to DPS, you should also collect a voter registration card and fill it out using your new last name. Mail the completed card to the election board in your county.

3. Visit the Social Security Administration office with your driver’s license and divorce decree certified copy to obtain a revised social security card that displays your new name. Failure to execute this change on your social security card could reduce your social security benefits in the future.

4. If you need a passport with the new name, you will have to apply for a fresh one at the post office or the office of the county clerk. Submit your existing passport, the divorce decree certified copy, and a photo along with your application.

5. You can change your last name as the local post office by filling out a change of address form using your new last name.

6. Notify the school where your children are studying about your last name change.

7. Ask your bank for the procedure on name change, and complete the necessary formality to ensure your correct new name is recorded at the bank.

8. Change your last name with your health insurance provider as well as your employer. Include your divorce decree certified copy for proof in each case.

9. Get in touch with all other organizations, businesses, utility companies, and creditors that you deal with to learn about their name change procedure, and follow through as required to make sure your new last name is official.

10. Inform your family, friends, and business associates of your new last name. If you have personal or business social media accounts, you may want to change your last name there as well.

What Happens if Your Name Change is not Included in Divorce Decree?

If your divorce decree has not recorded your last name change, you should begin the process by submitting a notarized petition for last name change to the county clerk’s office. Your Oklahoma divorce lawyer can assist you with all your legal name change requirements.

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