Oklahoma Felony Domestic Abuse


Oklahoma felony domestic abuse is an extremely serious charge.  It can cause emotional, financial, and even social strain for a person facing such accusations. Many domestic abuse charges start out as misdemeanor cases but later are enhanced and charged as a felony. However, up to 70% of domestic abuse allegations in divorce and custody proceedings are a fabrication or an exaggeration.  These are often a weapon intending to get an edge in custody battles.  Further, having a protection order held against you can seriously alter the dynamics of a divorce or custody situation.  Domestic abuse allegations, even if false, put you at a significant disadvantage from the start.

Oklahoma Domestic Abuse 

You can find the definition of domestic violence under 21 O.S. § 644(c).  However, we have it summarized for you.

Oklahoma felony Domestic Abuse in Oklahoma is an assault and/or battery against any of the following people:

– spouses: former or current

– family members

– romantic or dating partner

– someone you share a child with

– anyone in a romantic relationship with an ex-partner of yours

As long as a person can fall into any one of these categories, they can accuse you of domestic abuse.  This means they can also apply for protective orders.  If the court finds you guilty, then you are subject to certain penalties.

Felony Domestic Abuse Punishment

Domestic violence, like most other crime in Oklahoma, is subject to a degree of punishment in regards to the severity of the abuse.  For example, a first offense is generally a misdemeanor crime.  It may have a one year prison term or fines reaching up to $5,000.  A second offense though, is a felony.  Oklahoma felony domestic abuse  typically has a prison sentence reaching 4 years and similar fines.  While the punishment in itself is bad, you will also have future effects.  These may include loss of custody rights, inability to find employment, and loss of firearm rights.

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