Obtaining a Protective Order in Tulsa County


Protective Order in TulsaA Protective Order in Tulsa is a quasi-criminal proceeding the state’s Protection from Domestic Abuse Act establishes.  The intent of a Protective Order in Tulsa is to serve as a deterrent.  It deters from continued behavior of domestic abuse, stalking, harassment and rape.  While there is nothing stopping the defendant (the individual whom the Protective Order is against), from continuing this behavior, upon service with the Protective Order any violation against it becomes a criminal matter.

Getting a Protective Order in Tulsa:

Protective Orders are issued in two stages.  First is the Emergency Protective Order stage, where the plaintiff (the individual asking for protection) petition’s the court for the Protective Order.  They will need to complete the petition and associated paperwork.  This sets out the incident that involved abuse, harassment or stalking.  But, if the individuals are not in a domestic relationship, the plaintiff will need to first file a police report regarding the incident. Upon issuance of the Emergency Protective Order, the sheriff’s department then serves the defendant.  Next a hearing sets two weeks out in regards to why the Protective Order should continue.

Oklahoma Protective Order Attorneys:

While an attorney is not necessary for the initial petition, one is helpful.  Especially, for the hearing stage where presentation of evidence and testimony may occur.  If after the hearing the Protective Order issues, it will be on the defendant’s record on a permanent basis.  The court may, through a Protective Order, issue proper on temporary basis, restrict the defendant’s access to firearms or have them surrendered to law enforcement and may award fines, costs and fees against the defendant.

Child Custody and Protective Orders:

Minor children can temporarily be an addition to a Protective Order.  However, Oklahoma Protective Order law is not there to provide a modification of custody or visitation.  Should children be a part of the matter, the court will transfer the Protective Order case to an underlying family matter.  The court may also require the plaintiff to initiate a family law proceeding.  Judges will often require that an emergency custody proceeding be filed within a certain amount of time.  If not, the protective order in regards to the minor children will dismiss.

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