Stalking Charges

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Stalking charges in Oklahoma can escalate to criminal charges. Those include violations of protective orders. A NYC Journalist recently received a prison sentence in stalking charges of involving his ex-girlfriend.  The man, over a year’s time, issued over 150 bomb threats to Jewish centers across 37 states in the name of his ex.  He also posted nude photos of her online and harassed a large number of her family members.  The courts found him guilty of cyber-stalking and making fake bomb threats.  Stalking charges can take many forms.  If you are facing this crime keep reading to learn more about the law regarding it.

Oklahoma Stalking Laws

Oklahoma’s criminal laws are under Title 21 of the statutory code.  Section 1173 particularly deals with stalking charges.  In order to prove the crime, a victim must be able to show that it was: (1) willful or purposeful, (2) malicious, and (3) repeat following or harassment.  Further, the actions must cause the victim to feel intimidated or fearful.  After establishing these elements, a person can approach the DA to file charges.

Legal Consequences in Oklahoma

Stalking, as a first offense, is a misdemeanor crime.  It will result in potential prison time of one year and fines reaching $1,000.  But, in order toStalking Charges receive this sentence, the offense must not be a violation of a protective order or restraining order.  On the other hand, if the conviction is a second offense, then you are facing stronger penalties.  This is especially true if the second offense is violating a protective order or within 10 years of a first conviction.  The result is a felony with imprisonment of five years and fines reaching $2,500 to $10,000.


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