The Role Of Jury Instructions: Understanding Their Role in Criminal Trials in Oklahoma

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In an Oklahoma trial the role of jury instructions can not be overstated. In the realm of criminal law, few aspects carry as much weight and significance as the jury’s role in determining the verdict. As a case is given to the jury attorneys will fight tirelessly to secure a jury instruction that helps guide how the law is applied to their case. At the heart of the jury trial process lies the crucial element of jury instructions. These instructions serve as the guiding principles that jurors must follow in reaching their decision. Let’s delve into what exactly jury instructions entail, their importance in a criminal trial, and how they shape the verdict in Oklahoma courts.

What are Jury Instructions?

Jury instructions, also known as jury charges or judge’s instructions, are legal guidelines provided by the presiding judge to the jury before they begin deliberations. Oklahoma uses what are called Uniform Jury Instructions. This instruction is used in both criminal and civil cases. The instructions are usually read to the Jury by the Judge at the conclusion of oral arguments. These instructions outline the law applicable to the case at hand and provide guidance on how jurors should apply the law to the evidence presented during the trial. Essentially, jury instructions act as guiderails for the jury. The instructions inform jurors about the legal standards and principles they must consider in reaching a verdict.

Role of Jury Instructions in Criminal Trials

In a criminal trial, jury instructions ensure that the jury properly understands the law and applies it to the facts. The instructions serve as a roadmap for jurors. They provide them with instructions helping them navigate the complexities of the law. Additionally, jury instructions serve to safeguard the defendant’s right to a fair trial. By providing clear guidance on the relevant legal principles, jury instructions help prevent juror confusion. The instruction helps to avoid misinterpretations of the law, thereby reducing the risk of a wrongful conviction.

How the Jury Decides the Verdict

In Oklahoma, as in many jurisdictions, the jury’s decision-making process follows a structured format guided by the jury instructions. After hearing all the evidence and legal arguments presented by both the prosecution and the defense, the jury retires to the deliberation room to discuss the case.

During deliberations, jurors refer back to the jury instructions provided by the judge to assess the credibility of witnesses, evaluate the weight of the evidence, and determine whether the prosecution has proven the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. They may also consider any specific legal standards or elements of the offense outlined in the instructions.

Ultimately, the jury’s verdict must be unanimous in criminal cases. This means that all jurors must agree on the defendant’s guilt or innocence. If the jury is unable to reach a unanimous verdict, the trial may result in a hung jury. In a hung jury you have a mistrial. This means that neither the defendants innocence or guilt is actually decided. This could lead the prosecutor to refile the case or simply give up.

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