Aggravated Assault and Battery in Oklahoma

aggravated assault and battery

In December of 2016 a man was charged with aggravated assault and battery after attacking his daughter’s basketball coach.  The coach recently dismissed the girl from the competitive team.  Later, her father, wanting to discuss the matter, met with the coach at a convenience store.  This is where the altercation was on video.  The girl’s father kicked the coach multiple…

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Stalking Charges

Breaking and Entering

A NYC Journalist recently received a prison sentence in stalking charges of involving his ex-girlfriend.  The man, over a year’s time, issued over 150 bomb threats to Jewish centers across 37 states in the name of his ex.  He also posted nude photos of her online and harassed a large number of her family members.  The courts found him guilty…

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Fighting First and Second Degree Burglary in Oklahoma

first and second degree burglary in Oklahoma

Fighting First and Second Degree Burglary in Oklahoma begins with understanding the difference between the two charges. Oftentimes many people believe that the degrees of a crime are not that important.  For instance, someone may not take the idea of first degree burglary much more serious than second degree burglary.  However, there are a few significant differences between first and…

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Possession of an Open Container

Sex Offenses can be Expunged

In July of 2017, Rogers County officers attempted to stop a man for speeding.  The driver, once the officer began getting out of the police car, sped off.  He led officers on a chase over highways and through county roads, evading roadblocks and ramping over railroad tracks.  When the chase came to an end, the man admitted running because he…

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Possession of a Stolen Vehicle

Child Pornography

Possession of a Stolen Vehicle in Oklahoma is a crime the Tulsa County district attorneys office hotly pursues. In early June of 2017 an unmarked police vehicle was stolen in South Tulsa.  The vehicle did not have any external markings, but did hold a pepper spray ball, a ballistic shield, and handheld radio.  As of June 9th, the vehicle whereabouts…

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Criminal Defense Attorneys Examine Application to Revoke Probation

drug trafficking

Application to Revoke Probation for a failure to complete your terms and conditions of the criminal sentence puts your personal freedom in danger. Sometimes people convicted of crimes receive a suspended sentence or deferred sentence. However, both type plea agreements require a plea of guilty at the time of sentencing.  Once the plea enters, you are on a probationary period.  This…

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Prescription Fraud Charges in Tulsa

Prescription Fraud Charges in Tulsa are more common then many people realize.  August of 2016, the lead dentist of Signature Smiles in Tulsa received charges for murder.  During the investigation, Tulsa Police officers also discovered several possible criminal activities by Franklin’s employees, including prescription fraud.  For example, one of the firms dental assistants is under investigation for forging narcotic prescriptions…

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Tulsa Lawyers Discuss Strict Liability in Criminal Cases

Strict Liability in Criminal cases exist in Oklahoma. Although strict liability mainly applies to product defect cases or other personal injury cases in the civil arena, it is occasionally part of criminal cases as well.  The elements of strict liability in criminal law are simple: a statute exists and someone breaks the statute.  It does not require that a person knowingly or…

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Your Right to Remain Silent: What Every Oklahoman Needs to Know

Miranda is one’s right to remain silent.  It states that the prosecution through the Police may not use statements of individuals when they are in custodial custody without first receiving their miranda right to remain silent.  Miranda is a precautionary rule.  It protects the Fifth Amendment rights of suspects within criminal cases. However, Miranda is only applicable when the suspect is in custodial custody and…

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