Do The Police Need A Warrant To Search My House For A Misdemeanor?

Police Need A Warrant

In general, the police need a warrant to search your house in Oklahoma, even if they suspect you of committing a misdemeanor.  In any case in which the police want to search your house, you as the homeowner or renter in lawful control of the property have the right to refuse a search without a warrant unless the police are…

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Stalking Charges

Possession Of Burglary Tools

Stalking charges in Oklahoma can escalate to criminal charges. Those include violations of protective orders. A NYC Journalist recently received a prison sentence in stalking charges of involving his ex-girlfriend.  The man, over a year’s time, issued over 150 bomb threats to Jewish centers across 37 states in the name of his ex.  He also posted nude photos of her…

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Kidnapping Criminal Charges in Tulsa County

Kidnapping criminal charges are filed as a felony in Oklahoma.  Most people think of famous cases like Elizabeth Smart or the three girls in Ohio who recently escaped.  However, these are extraordinary cases involving kidnapping criminal charges.  The crime often times will be from an estranged or ex-spouse taking a child.  Other forms are often holding a person against their…

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Possession of an Open Container

Pardon Different From An Expungement

In July of 2017, Rogers County officers attempted to stop a man for speeding.  The driver, once the officer began getting out of the police car, sped off.  He led officers on a chase over highways and through county roads, evading roadblocks and ramping over railroad tracks.  When the chase came to an end, the man admitted running because he…

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Defending Breaking and Entering Criminal Charges

Assault On A Police officer

In 1983, Oklahoma courts held in the Sanchez v. State appeal that “breaking” can be applied to small breaking “no matter how slight” to remove an obstruction in order to enter a place.  This was illustrated in Sanchez when he rang a doorbell and when the resident of the home tried to shut the door he pushed it open.  Thus,…

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Defending False Impersonation Charges in Tulsa

Resisting an Officer

Defending Oklahoma False Impersonation Charges in Tulsa is complex with serious consequences to those accused of this crime. For example, in March of 2017 a Skiatook Oklahoma man was taken into custody for false impersonation of a federal agent.  The man struck an Italian restaurant manager in the chest while claiming the manager was a German spy.  Further, the man…

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Unauthorized Use of a Motorcycle

Unauthorized use of a motorcycle

Unauthorized use of a motorcycle is a crime in Oklahoma. It is unlawful for a person to use a motor vehicle of which they do not have possession of, nor permission to use.  You may ask if your motorcycle or three-wheeler falls under the jurisdiction of this law.  Well, 47 Okl.St.Ann. § 1-135 legally defines motorcycle:  it is a motorized…

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