Rights Of A Good Samaritan Injured In An Accident in Oklahoma

Good Samaritan Injured In An Accident

A good Samaritan injured in an accident has certain rights in Oklahoma. All states provide some version of a Good Samaritan law. These laws are intended to protect individuals who take action in emergencies and other injury accidents to offer help. Good Samaritan laws encourage individuals to do whatever is necessary to provide assistance in an emergency and to do so without fear of liability.

Oklahoma’s “Good Samaritan Act” protects people for their actions when providing emergency care to others, depending on the circumstances. But what rights do good Samaritans have in Oklahoma if they cause personal injuries while helping another person?

Oklahoma’s Good Samaritan Law

In Oklahoma, a good samaritan can be civilly liable for another person’s injuries if the care provided was grossly negligent. In effect, a person in Oklahoma who is merely negligent is absolved of any legal liability.

The Good Samaritan Act

Under Oklahoma law, protection for good Samaritans is limited to bystander emergency assistance related to CPR or controlling bleeding.

Oklahoma’s Good Samaritan Act also provides guidance for all individuals outside emergency situations. First, The Act expressly states that everyone is responsible for the consequences of their willful acts, such as another person’s injuries. Second, everyone is responsible for the injuries of his or her ordinary negligence. Liability is limited to the extent that the person brought on the injury.

In Oklahoma, a good Samaritan acting in good faith can provide or attempt to provide the following types of care without fear of liability for any negligent conduct:

  • Emergency care to an injured person or any person who requires immediate medical aid, wherever required;
  • Emergency care consisting of artificial respiration, restoration of breathing, and preventing blood loss;
  • Aiding or restoring heart action or circulation of blood to the victim or victims of an car or truck accident or other emergency, wherever required;
  • Emergency care requiring performance of an operation or other form of surgery upon any individual who was the victim of an accidental act. Good Samaritans are not liable for civil damages if the injured person has not consented, so long as the operation was done voluntarily and without compensation. They also cannot be charged with a crime for their actions.

What If A Good Samaritan Is Injured While Giving Aid?

When good Samaritans are injured or killed while providing aid, the person responsible for causing their injuries can be held liable and required to pay damages as compensation. Like other circumstances involving the potential risk of injury, Good Samaritans must use extreme care and caution when giving aid to another person.

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