Car Accident Evidence I Should Gather to Win A Car Wreck Case


Car accident evidence is important for winning your personal injury case. Following a car accident, people are often not thinking clearly. Individuals often panic or fail to acknowledge the severity of a collision. Unfortunately, even minor crashes can lead to severe injuries. Suppose you are involved in a car or truck accident. In that case, there are certain steps you should take to preserve evidence and ensure that you have the opportunity to file a legal claim against another driver who injured you. Although it can be challenging to do so, take a deep breath and then proceed cautiously with the following steps.

Check For And Document Injuries

car accident evidence involves evidence of a personal injury to your body. After a collision, you should ensure that everyone gets the medical treatment and attention that they need. This effort extends to other drivers, passengers, and you. Sometimes, individuals fail to seek medical attention because they do not yet understand the extent of their injuries. This is a big mistake. Failing to visit a doctor for a checkup after a crash might lead to accusations that you did not actually suffer severe injuries in the collision. If there is any chance that you suffered injuries, you should promptly seek medical attention. You won’t regret it.

Car Accident Evidence Begins by Calling The Police

Failing to contact the police before leaving the scene of a collision is against the law in Oklahoma if anyone suffered injuries or seriously damaged property. This is true even if the accident occurred in while at work in your employers vehicle. Your ability to file a successful claim might on car accident evidence that you weren’t at fault. The police should investigate all information related to the incident, and complete a report to document their findings. Some of the best evidence of fault is which driver received a ticket for the wreck. Winning your case begins with car accident evidence and the best evidence is knowing which driver was ticketed.

Exchange Information With Other Drivers

Get everyone’s information before they leave the scene. Write down the drivers’ names, license numbers, insurance policies, phone numbers, and other identifying information. Also, look at the vehicles and collect the license plate numbers. Make sure that you know the color, make, and model of each car involved.

Identify Witnesses

If anyone saw what happened, get their name and contact information. Failing to identify these individuals shortly after the collision could mean losing access to critical information and statements. A good witness could mean the difference between winning and losing your case.

Take Photos, Videos Of The Scene, Cars

Make sure you take pictures and videos of the vehicles and the scene. Fortunately, most people have a cell phone with them in their vehicles, making it possible to document the damage with photographic evidence right away.

Call Your Insurer

In addition to collecting evidence of your injuries and vehicular damage, you should take the time to contact your insurance company. Remember that most policies have strict time limits when it comes to reporting car accidents. When you call them be careful what you say. Sometimes a simple conversation with your adjuster ends up working against your interest. They are fine people but always remember that they don’t work for you and limiting the liability of the insurance company they work for is their job.

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