Elbow Injury at Work and Workman’s Comp


If you are facing an elbow injury at work in you have a workers compensation claim. Because an elbow injury at work is so costly, its important that you do the right things that ensure the injury id covered. First, on average an elbow injury costs a total of $7,000 for the entire treatment and recovery process.  During the recovery, you could lose several months of wages due to an inability to work.  Most people do not have the financial stability to miss work for several months and still keep up with their bills.  This post describes the potential injuries and what options you have if facing one.

Elbow Injuries at Work

An Elbow injury at work is a relatively common injury in sporting events and other athletic activities.  However, many people do not realize that elbow injuries are one of the most common workplace injuries as well.  Even the simple repetition of movement on a daily basis can create extension and flexion issues at the elbow joint.

As a result of constant movement, work-related injuries may come from musculoskeletal disorders.  One can be epicondylitis, aka: tennis elbow.  In tennis elbow, inflammation in the joint makes moving the elbow painful and stiff.  In some cases, if not given proper treatment at the outset, tennis elbow may result in elbow injuries needing surgery and other physical therapy.

Elbow Injuries & Workman’s Comp

 Elbow injury at work in Oklahoma

In the past few years, Oklahoma has significantly altered workers’ compensation laws.  So, the process of reporting and collecting your compensation has changed.  Thus, you must follow a new process to receive your due claim.  First, you will report the injury as soon as you notice it.  A failure to do this may result in dismissal of your claim.  Second, you will file the report through the proper workplace channels in writing.  Make sure to keep a copy of any reports or complaints you enter for your own records.  Next, you will request medical treatment for your elbow injuries.  At this point it is also prudent to seek a lawyer.


Legal Support

Having a lawyer represent you in an elbow injury case is wise.  It will ensure that your interests are protected while you go through the healing process.  Our Kania Law Office workers compensation Attorneys offer a free consultation for new clients.

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