Eluding a Police Officer in Oklahoma

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Eluding a Police Officer in Oklahoma is a serious crime that can land you in jail.. A Topeka man recently received a sentence of 8 years in prison for eluding an officer and other illegal acts.  The man was sleeping in his car when police approached him.  He woke and made an attempt to drive away while an officer’s arm was entangled in his steering wheel.  The officer was dragged several yards before shooting the driver in the shoulder.  This is an extreme case of eluding an officer.  In Oklahoma, officers may also be game wardens and highway patrolmen.  If you face charges of eluding an officer read on to learn more about what’s at stake.

Eluding a Police Officer and Proving It:

For eluding a Police officer in Oklahoma  to stick, several things must be present in the situation.  First, you must be in control of a motor vehicle or part of an on-foot pursuit.  Second an officer must use some type of signal or verbal sign for you to stop.  For example, red lights, sirens, or other signals are all queues to stop.  At this point, if you do not stop, but increase speeds, make any abrupt turns, run, etc. you can be under suspicion of eluding.

Punishments for Eluding Police Officer:

The first time conviction for eluding an officer in Oklahoma, you can receive misdemeanor charges.  Fines for a first offense can range from $100 to $2,000.  You may also spend up to one year in jail.  Punishments for a second offense increase.  Fines are now $500 to $5,000.  However, if you endanger or injure another person while in the process of eluding an officer you are subject to felony charges.  Felonies are much more serious and increase your chances of having difficulty in employment, custody battles, and even housing in the future.

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