Your Responsibilities When Filing a Work Injury Claim


Steps For Filing Workers CompensationWorkplace injuries and illnesses are burdensome and can leave you feeling helpless. In order to get through the time it will take to heal from the workplace injury or illness, you will need assistance from workers’ compensation.  This is what you should receive as an employee under Oklahoma law.

While workers’ compensation insurance coverage is available to Oklahoma employees for injuries or illnesses they suffer while on the job, or as a result of the job, employees have responsibilities that they must fulfill in order to be adequately compensated. Employees must show the employer that an injury or illness was on or as a result of the job. If you follow the steps below when filing a workers’ compensation claim, you will have all of the information and documentation you need to receive your much-needed compensation.

Steps For Filing Workers Compensation in Oklahoma:

Step 1 – Notify Your Employer of Your Injury or Illness Right Away

The second you believe you receive injuries on the job, such as tripping and falling, or injuring your back while carrying heavy boxes, you must notify your employer of this injury immediately. The same goes for any kind of illness. If you work in an environment where you are exposed to toxic chemicals and you become ill, the second you believe you became sick because of the exposure, notify your employer immediately.

Notification is the most important step to a successful workers’ compensation claim. If you do not notify your employer of a possible injury or illness until later on, it may be difficult for you to prove that the injury occurred on the job, or that the illness was acquired while on the job.

Step 2 – File a Claim

After you know about an on the job injury, file a claim with your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier. Not all claims get approval.  However, the sooner you are able to make the claim, the more likely you are to obtain benefits.  Especially because the incident is fresh in your mind.  Further, a doctor who treated you for the injury or illness will have medical records to support your claim.

Step 3 – Rest and Recover

It is always a great thing to heal fast and get back to work. But, you must be careful as an injured or ill employee.  You should ensure you are not causing yourself further physical harm. For example, if you suffer a back injury while on the job, and you go to an amusement park two weeks later to ride on a roller coaster, it may be difficult for a workers’ compensation insurance carrier to find that you deserve compensation for any care you receive after riding on that roller coaster. It will be hard for the insurance company to determine what really caused your injuries. Stay at home, take it easy and rehabilitate yourself.  Further, do everything you possibly can to ensure you are not taking any action that may worsen your condition.

Oklahoma Work Injury Attorneys Helping You Win:

The steps for filing workers compensation are important. One failure to do an important thing can cost you your injury case. If you receive injuries at work, protect your rights. Not only do you have the right to get medical treatment you have the right to on-going medical treatment.

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